1. Firefighter58

    Pill crusher or Pill grinder.

    A few months ago we discussed pill crushers for those of us who are using a feed tube, I was using a certain brand but then Patrick123 said he was using a small Epica coffee bean grinder that worked well for him. As my pill crusher was not doing the job any more I decided to take Patrick's...
  2. S

    Our Terrible Story

    My wife has Bulbar ALS, diagnosed since Oct. 2016. Some background prior to her diagnosis is necessary to get context: My wife, myself, and our now 19 yo daughter moved from RI to FL to care for my 91 year old Dad in July 2013. We moved in with him. He was very demanding and...
  3. affected

    We can leave a good legacy

    One of our home care staff sent this to me just recently. Chris gained his wings 4 weeks before she managed to write this. It has reminded me that even though, at the time, we are just bumbling along through what seems a nightmare, we can turn anything into a positive influence for others...
  4. jazzyfan001

    what to do

    I will be getting a feeding tube and I think all of meds is going to be in a coffee grinder but what to I do with pills such and vitamin e in gel caps? Do you just desolve them in water and feed thru tube?:idea:
  5. Chameleon

    Does anyone pay attention to diet?

    I have noticed that vegetables in the nightshade family (tomatoes, potatoes, all peppers (except the kind that go in a pepper grinder) and eggplant make my throat tighten up and affect my balance. Has anyone else noticed anything like this? Any other foods that tend to exacerbate symptoms? I...
  6. arkallen


    A friend of mine is definitely risk-inclined. To look into his eyes, the bright centre of his vaguely unkempt person, is to peer over the rim of the cliffs and cascades against which he continually pits his mettle. A climber, adventurer, horseman; he's the fellow who gets a mechanic mate to cut...
  7. kelly

    Problem with pills in feeding tube

    Hello Everyone, Not sure what the heck I am doing wrong with my hubbys feeding tube. We recently started crushing his pills and putting them through the feeding tube. The problem is that I have not fine tuned the process so that the tube does not get clogged. I end up wasting a good percentage...
  8. M

    My Heart Is Hurting

    Hi Everyone, I posted the other day with some of my symptoms and fears of ALS. Again, I am so impressed with everyone dealing with ALS on this website, and the caregivers, and your ability to "go on" in spite of what is happening. Basically, I'm just scared. I mentioned some of my symptoms...
  9. Geo

    Helpful Hints for the Day

    Try this for Cramps "Tonic Water" . I bought the Pack of small bottles. Doesnt taste very good but works . Also if your taking Vitamin supplements like Calcium they tend to stick in the throat . I bought a sml. coffee grinder and grind them up and put them back in the bottle and spoon it out...