1. S


    Finally the VA signed the POs for the power wheel chair and an assistive speech device. Supposedly the assistive speech device has been sent. I emailed the vendor on the wheel chair to find out how long it is going to take and got no response as of yet. I'm wondering if it was a co-incidence...
  2. gooseberry

    veterans mortgage life insurance

    This is a premium based benefit that is automatically deducted from compensation. It will cover up to $200k. The premium is based on the amount covered. You can choose tomstart coverage when sah grant construction begins or when it ends. When you need to file a claim, you need a computer...
  3. chally

    SAH grant

    Just got approval after 7 months, WOW! What an ordeal! Now waiting for final escrow agent then the contractor can start. Yea!
  4. S

    Introducing myself

    Greetings. Since I’ve benefitted from reading through these forums for some time now I thought I should introduce myself and try to make some contributions of my own over time. I’m a retired academic librarian and 69 year old husband (our 47th wedding anniversary is next week) and was diagnosed...
  5. V

    VA SAH Contractors

    I had a VA SAH housing grant approved a few months ago, but have had a difficult time finding contractors who are qualified and will work with the VA. I live in Cypress, Texas and would appreciate any positive information any of you may have.
  6. gooseberry

    For vets ...sah grant

    Just talked to my guy at the VA handling our sah grant. The total dollar amount went up a little over $3000 on 10/1.
  7. S

    I thought I had ALS for two years

    After experiencing slurred speech, excess saliva, jaw tension and swallowing problems for several months I went to a neurologist who prescribed Mestinon for Myasthenias Gravas. It didn't work so she ordered blood work, did a rudimentary EMG, ruled it bulbar onset ALS and referred me to Johns...
  8. starente15

    Bath remodel almost there!

    I'm happy to report the bathroom is in the 'finishing touches' stage as of today. Once it's all dolled up I'll post final pics We weren't able to use the VA grant because we were too far behind the ball in getting things sorted out, but we were able to get a good deal on the work through a...
  9. Nikki J

    Ice Bucket II

    As you know August has been designated as a time for another Ice Bucket challenge. It would be fabulous if last year was repeated but unlikely However today one of the news stations was preparing theirs which made me happy I also just got an email from the Mass General cure ALS fund. They...
  10. starente15

    VA Benefits Questions

    Hi everyone! Just returned from 10 day visit with my parents. I had a few questions on VA benefits that came up today and can't find anything on the sticky or web. Wondering if anyone knows... My mother said she is entitled to free additional insurance through the VA which doesn't affect the...