1. S

    I'm Hoping to help veterans with ALS

    My dad recently passed after a 2 year battle with ALS. I was his only relative, so by default became a caretaker. I spent hundreds of hours on VA benefits and my Dad's wish was for me to help others. I found PVA and DAV in my area to be of very limited help. They basically got me started and...
  2. M

    Veterans with PLS VA disability

    There are some closed threads on this subject but I am new and need some help. I was recently diagnosed with PLS and am a veteran. I have submitted two letters form neurologists stating that PLS is a variant of ALS. I tried twice to get the VA to grant me disability but they keep denying it...
  3. D

    SAH Grant

    Currently located in Fort Lauderdale Florida looking for a contractor has been Impossible can anybody help
  4. MJALSWarrior

    Ramp money

    I just learned that you do not have to use the $6800 grant money to build a ramp. All I had to do was have my ALS Clinic nurse put in a consult with Prosthetics and they will take care of it. The $6800 is for door widening, kitchen mods etc.
  5. MJALSWarrior

    Home mods

    My wife and I are just starting the process of trying to figure out what we want to do with the money for the SAH grant. Would appreciate any of you who have gone through that process to post some pics of some of the mods so we can get some ideas.
  6. Chincoteaguer

    Dog and human sleep study - ranting

    Just heard on the news the effects of dogs sleeping with humans. Humans do not sleep as well but dogs sleep better. Wow! I wonder how this most important study was funded. Probably a government grant. I like dogs and they are therapeutic but am I alone in thinking this study and many others...
  7. L

    SAH grant

    Our contractor's called and will start the remodel in a month.Any suggestions , or tips for us ? Did y'all move out of your home , and stay at the house during the day ?I'm really getting nervous about it hope it is fairly painless.I know our 3 dog's will go crazy , maybe me too...Any advice...
  8. L

    SAH grant

    Hi again. Just one question .Our washed and dryer is in the garage , right beside the back door. They will put a ramp in for car access and handle bars.Will this make it too tight a turn around? Jim usually Just backs our cars out into the drive way when we wash clothes.It's a small space...
  9. L

    SAH grant

    My husband was approved for a 100% disability for ALS in August.The VA has been wonderful. We have been approved for a SAH grant.I would like to know what was important to you , if you had a remodel.What you wish you had asked for , or what you really didn't need.The whole process s...
  10. T

    Ground Hog's Day

    Every day seems more like "Ground Hogs Day". My son and I have been caring for our PALS since September 2011. The first few years were not bad. He still could talk, walk, and eat. As the disease progressed, he decided on a feeding peg tube and much later, a ventilator. He is paralyzed...