1. KarenNWendyn

    Senior joke (clean :-))

    Bob, aged 92, and Mary, aged 89, were excited about their decision to get married. While out for a stroll to discuss the wedding, they passed a drug store. Bob suggested they go in. Bob asked to speak to the pharmacist. He explained they’re about to get married, and asked, "Do you sell heart...
  2. R

    Sharing the road

    My Pals started a downward spiral 30 days ago. Could no longer talk, appetite diminished, slept 14-15 hours at night and often a long nap in the afternoon. I asked twice if she wanted our granddaughters to come decorate for Christmas and never got a response. I had them cone out anyway and she...
  3. B

    Christian Hymn of Praise

    I sit here, looking out the window. The heavy dew, gently resting on the top of the thin blades of grass, reflects the light of the early morning sun. A gentle breeze, softly flowing across the yard, makes the drops twinkle like tiny stars. At first glance, they don’t seem like much: a blade...
  4. scaredwifetx

    A work trip combined with a mini vacation

    I was in California for the week. I had to go for a work meeting. I flew from Burbank and met my best friend in San Francisco for a three day mini trip. It was a great trip. We visited Muir Woods, Alcatraz, took a catamaran trip around the bay, visited the wharf, and rented a car to drive...
  5. A

    Help with Mother's Day ideas

    Does anyone have any ideas for good Mother's Day gifts? My mom has had ALS for a little while now and unfortunately the doctors aren't giving her very long :cry: she's been recently restricted to a wheel chair, has a feeding tube, and is staying at a nursing home. I'm a little stumped on what to...
  6. Nuts

    Gifts for CALS

    For Christmas our oldest daughter gave me a most thoughtful gift-- a two week subscription to a service called Blue Apron. I was able to pick from six recipes and receive three meals a week for two weeks. They send everything I need, including spices, butter, and special oils. There is just...
  7. L

    Gift ideas for dad (who has ALS)

    Hello lovely people, I'm looking forward to flying back to the UK to spend Christmas with my family. I am really stuck about what to get dad for a gift. Dad relies 100% on a feeding tube and can't get around on his own any more. He has a little iPad to type into but next year is getting a...
  8. tripete

    Billy Talks To His Pastor About God

    Billy Talks To His Pastor About God Billy: "Pastor, does God love everybody?" Pastor: "Yes, Billy (smile, pats him on the head). Billy: "How come it says in Romans 9 that he hated Esau?" Pastor: "Been reading your Bible, huh, Billy? (still smiles). Well, the Bible also says that God...
  9. Broken down Cowboy

    1st Post

    Hello, Guess it's better to get right to it. I was diagnosed at the Barrow Clinic in Phoenix, with ALS in December 2014. The extra sad news for me was that I'd been told, that my mild stroke like symptoms (slurred speech and left leg weakness) which had begun about for months earlier were due...
  10. V

    Waiting for a MRI and EMG next week ... I have questions!

    Hello, My Mom is in her early seventies and for the past year she has thought she had arthritus in her left hand. Fast forward to this past October. She was wearing heels and stepped off of a curb and lost her balance. She fell and also broke her foot. Foot healed fine in a boot and was taken...
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