getting worried

  1. E

    Nerves vs ALS

    I've been told after a very long summer of test etc That I have ALS. I've always had really bad nerves and as you can imagine after this news their not any better. All I've lost so far is my use of my left hand . My problems seem to be wondering if the biggest things I'm feeling right now is...
  2. L

    Worried about symptoms

    Hi there Just wondered if I could get some advice I started about 6 months ago with problems wiggling my fingers on my left hand when I stretch my arm out in front of me it is also weak and shaking when doing this the muscle in my arm also started aching from time to time and is tight .I have...
  3. B


    First off before i explian everything thats going on i wanna apologise for even coming here and looking for re assurance. I know this is a page for people who have or have been diagnosed with Als so im truly sorry for being here. My name is brandon im 17 years old and about 3-4 days ago i was...
  4. M

    New Member, have read stickies!

    So I have been a twitcher for about a year in a half now and have been in good health all my life. I play guitar, lift weights, and fence. When this twitching all started I told my doctor during a routine physical and she said the twitches were benign. I took it at face value and haven't thought...
  5. P

    Getting worried

    Hello, Hoping someone may be able to clarify my symptoms as I am starting to worry about mnd after seeing my doctor. I have read the stickies and still have concerns. A year ago I started having strong twitching randomly all over my body and was told it was benine and not to worry within 6...
  6. Eddie Kirk

    My introduction.

    Hi members and Staff; I am Eddie Kirk. I have been having some changes occur to my health. I am seeing a neurologist. He has said that I have early onset ALS. He is kind of saying that this may be ALS: although I have not gotten a firm diagnosis. This has started on my right leg. For a...
  7. notme

    For the more medically knowledgable

    Hey guys Got a question. I know, you're shocked, right. I've been trying to ignore this problem as bad contacts, getting older, needing new glasses, blood pressure...well, you get the idea. I'm having increasing bouts of double vision and severe blurry vision. So,etimes they last a few...
  8. LeprechaunSean

    Nerve entrapment VS. ALS

    Ok so this is my first time on here. I am a 35 year old white male. I've been very healthy my whole life. Here's my situation. 1.5 - 2 years ago noticed my right arm/side consistently weaker when working out at the gym, and my grip as well. Didn't think much about it. Was working out five days...
  9. Pandora

    Have I given all I can?

    Hi I'm new to the forum. My name is Amanda and I am caretaker to my wonderful Husband of 7 years, Bran. My husband was having a few issues with some back pain and he started to have a limp when he walked. I was worried but thought it was just something he pulled. A few weeks went by and he...
  10. BarryG


    Hello friends, I am having increased difficulty doing my own throat suctioning because of failing arms and hands and want to ask anyone who is doing suctioning on their PALS, how do you do it and how well does it work? When I do my suctioning I am going quite deep to find the gagging bit of...
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