1. Sammantha

    Hi Everyone!

    Well i had the surgery today! I awoke once during the surgery and i was trying to take the mask off my face and i heard a woman say, i gave her a breathing treatment.... Well three days before my gallbladder surgery i got sick, it went from my nose/ear to my throat and then to my chest.. It...
  2. Sammantha

    Update for friends

    Well i had another bad gallbladder attack and now i am set up to have it taken out at the hospital instead of the surgery center... So i do not think i have to pay my deductible in full first. I will be having the surgery on the 24th. Now my gastro knows about my muscle and breathing problems...
  3. Sammantha

    Here we go again!

    Hi everyone, i have received my appointment to go see Dr. Morgenlander. Dr. Bedlack says he is the best neurologist on the east coast. I will be going on the 30th of this month. I dont expect anything from the first visit as we all know he is going to make me do all those fun things like...
  4. Sammantha

    No surgery

    I was all set to let my anesthesiologist know about my muscle problems, but that was before i got past admissions. Turns out i have a 900 dollar deductible to meet and my physician fee up front is a thousand dollars... I cancelled the appointment as quickly as i could before i started sobbing...
  5. Sammantha

    Breathing and Anesthesia?

    Hi, i have a question that is causing me a lot of worry..... I will be having my gallbladder taken out on the 19 but i am deathly afraid of the anesthesia. I have been having shortness of breathe at different times now for three months. Recently i was at a party where i consumed three glasses...
  6. Sammantha

    Elderly man and Faciculations

    when i was at a surgical center seeing my doc for my gallbladder there was this man, maybe in his seventies sitting near me. We all waited a long time.. Well this man had faciculations all over his whole body. Just like the ones you see on the web. They were non stop and in every muscle...