1. Nikki J

    Boston Marathon

    ALSONE is a designated charity for 2019. This means they have a certain number of entries for their team that do not need to be BAA qualified. If any CALS or friends are interested in running and fundraising contact ALSONE I always wanted to run Boston!
  2. F

    Facts and figures on ALS costs

    Hi I'm running a fundraising event for the ALS Association but I'm having difficulty in finding details of how donations are spent. I know from past projects that number are an extremely persuasive tool. Something like: $10 will pay for... $20 would cover... It could be treatment, it could...
  3. Nikki J

    Informative site

    I can't link it because it has a fundraising section but search alsri. It is not the golf club dot com site. It is the als residence site dot org. There is information beyond als residence initiative. Take a look especially at the link for newly diagnosed
  4. A

    20th Annual Cliff Walk to be held along the Cape Cod Canal-Benefits the fight against

    The A.L.S. Family Charitable Foundation's 20th Annual "Cliff Walk" for A.L.S Fundraiser will be held on Sunday, September 11, 2016. Supporters are invited to spend the day on the beautiful Cape Cod Canal (at the Buzzards Bay Park, Main Street, Buzzards Bay) for a full day of fun and...
  5. sleepy


    a week after diagnosis I sign up to do the walk to d'feet mnd 5.5km walk a month ago my dear CALS suggests we get a wheelchair 'just in case'. I resist. two weeks ago I agree 'if it will make him happy' - I don't want to make anything harder than it has to be one week ago I start to think...
  6. krnNdug

    Eyespeak looks cool

    I got the promotional email today for the new Eyespeak product, on the last day of the promotion of course. Yes, they are out of fundraising. It looks like a really cool product that would be a lot more mobil than a Tobii. Has anyone thought about buying one? It works on the Android operating...
  7. Graybeard

    Guess I've been Ex-communicated

    The local ALSA Orange County, rep wanted a hug every time she saw me. Then sometime late last year, she stopped responding to my emails. I asked the Director, and he asked which emails had gone unanswered. I forwarded them to him. He never replied again, and I haven't received any emails...
  8. krnNdug

    ASU documentary on ALS & IBC

    I was nominated by the local ALSA chapter to be the subject of a documentary on fundraising and the Ice Bucket Challenge and ALS for the ASU School of Journalism. The students did a great job considering the subject patient could break many cameras and mirrors. I would love to get your comments...
  9. lgelb

    ALSA bloat?

    Below see some notes from the TDI site from this year's international MND symposium (always worth reading, though not very encouraging) -- does anyone else think these inputs/outputs are questionable? I'd be interested in the operational definition of "provided services" is, if only half the...
  10. Nikki J

    From Mass General

    This is part of a fundraising letter from my neurologist ( this is the first time I have received one and I donated to them on more than one occasion so I did not mind at all getting it) I think I removed all fundraising parts but thought the rest might be of interest We, at the Massachusetts...