1. B

    ALSGA Fundraiser in GA

    ALSGA is having a fundraiser in Thomaston, GA in honor of veterans with ALS (vALS). T-shirts are being made that list the names of vALS. Here is the link if anyone has the ability to donate: Here is the link to contact Lisa, if you would like to add a...
  2. S

    Mike shannon - why?

  3. glupavomomiche

    ALS Awareness Painting

    I've been dabbling in my paints now that I'm retired. Since it's ALS Awareness month, I felt inspired to create a painting in honor of our month. Not my best painting ever, but considering my rapidly diminishing motor skills, it ain't too shabby. The sunflowers, corn flowers, forget-me-nots...
  4. P

    walk to defeat als 2012

    walk to defeat als is the major fundraiser for the als association. money raised is what provides grants for research and drug trials world wide. it is important for us recently diagnosed and able to get out and about to support this mission. organise a team, seek sponsors and join a walk...
  5. rick/Wpg

    Nick aka Elvis Fundraiser Wpg...Enjoy!

    ELVIS, One Night With You 2011 .mpg - YouTube
  6. B

    Allman Brothers' Danny Toler

    Former Allman Brothers guitarist Dan Toler battles ALS | The Republic Above link is regarding a fundraiser for Danny Toler, who suffers from ALS. Apparently he can still play!
  7. notme

    ALS Guardian Angel Fundraiser

    hello I spoke with Lisa today from ALSGA. She told me that the one thing they can use now is fundraisers. I posted on CL to get items that I can put either in a yard sale or post on CL to re-sell (As I have no $$ to donate of my own) I would also still like to get that book up and going and...
  8. S

    fundraiser needs help

    My husband and I will be going to India for stem cell therapy. we leave next week. as many of you have probably found, waiting for the US to get caught up and help us is just taking to long. We have 2 children Jason wants to see grow up, walk our daughter down the aisle, give our son...
  9. S

    Letting them know at work

    Hi everyone, I've written an email to send to the people at work. I want to run it by you first. Suggestions on additions or deletions are welcome. Here goes: A couple of anniversaries A long time ago the baseball legend Lou Gehrig stepped up to the microphone in Yankee Stadium and gave his...
  10. L

    PALS Bucket List

    Hi Folks, It's been a long time since I have checked in. My good friend has ALS and is at home on a vent. She has been pretty stable since she came home from the hospital last year, after a run in with H1N1, but seems to be a bit weaker lately. Anyway, recently some friends did a benefit for...