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  1. J

    ALS Director coming to my home

    Can someone please explain what the ALS Ass. does and why they like to come out to your home? As I have stated earlier my wife has ALS. I have no complaints for them to come out to my home, I just don't really understand all that takes place. I would take their help, but first I need to know...
  2. S

    Mark Kelley ALS 5k run Tulsa, Oklahoma

    My name is Shane. My father succumbed to ALS in 2012. My aunt has put together a 5k run in honor of him, to help raise awareness and as a fund raiser. Anyone with family afflicted with ALS is invited to sign up and attend. It will take place in January in Tulsa, Oklahoma. If you're too far...
  3. S

    does anyone maintain a daily schedule?

    I was diagnosed with PLS about a month age - after 11 years of seeing neuros up and down the east coast with no diagnosis. Now I realize physical therapy is my only chance of slowing the progression down. I tried provigil,nuvigil, amantadine , recently baclofen and am allergic or...
  4. P

    walk to defeat als 2012

    old subject new thread, remember the walk is the als association's major fund raiser. it definately needs our support, please get involved. sept 29th, jordan valley park, springfield mo, goal $90,000 and now at $41,000 we hope to make it team goal $7,500 now at $6,500 hope to pop top off...
  5. B

    Anyone helped by ALS Guardian Angels-

    Please help Stu, if you can! Here is his message I discovered on the famous social site: TO PALS AND CALS WE'VE HELPED. WHO WILL HELP US NOW? ALSGA is trying to put together a short video about those we've helped. It's for an upcoming fundraising event. We need short video clips specifically...
  6. tdamess

    personal fundraiser help

    i would like to have a personal fund raiser for my son but , would like to give the people who donate a tax deduction but can only find info on organizations , would anyone know about this in the u.s. the i.r.s. don't talk on the phone but you can go in to their office but i also would like to...

    Interesting fund raiser for MND

    I don't know if anyone has seen this but these folks are re-tracing Cpt. Bligh's historic 4,000 mile open boat voyage to raise money for the Sheffeild Institute Foundation for Motor Neurone Disease.
  8. O

    Waiting 5mo for SSD ?!?

    My husband has not officially applied for SSD yet but here's what we were told. I personally think this is RIDICULOUS and want to know if there is any way to get around this. When we met with the social worker from the ALS Association he told us that because he has ALS he will automatically be...
  9. S

    My "Final" Neuro Update: I hope!

    Hi Everyone, I haven't posted about anything going on with me in a while, but there's been a lot of progress since I've mentioned anything so I thought I'd give the latest, and as I said hopefully "final" update on my issues. Super quick update for newbees: Started with a twitch...
  10. freddiesnetty

    Thanks for all the support!

    Thanks so much for all of the support, I know that I came in and then went out again. I can not seem to get Freddie over this pneumonia crap. It seem to come around about every 2 to 3 months. I wonder if it is because he got that damn pneumonia shot..? But anywho things are getting a little...