1. S

    A year has past...

    This morning at 4:11 was one year since the love of my life became free of his hell. Or should I say our hell... I don't even know what to think about that. The hell we went through, is more than I can believe actually. Honestly, how do any of us make it through that? At 4:11, another kind of...
  2. KimT

    Rosemarie Farrell

    Mori Farrell, a friend from my local support group, gained her wings yesterday afternoon. She was my first PALS friend after my diagnosis. She lived on the beach in Flagler. We had lunches together, visited each other, and kept in touch by e-mail. She was a lawyer and so brave. Her battle...
  3. W

    Looking for a glimmer of hope

    Hello Everyone, I would like to start off with saying that I have utmost respect to all of PALS and CALS who despite the illness did not forfeit and are fighting and living each day as happy as it's possible. I have lurked the board for 2 months (read ALL stickies) now and I've decided I...
  4. F


    a woman was talking to a friend. "it was I who made my husband a millionaire" she said. her friend asked "what was he before?" she replied: "a multimillionaire."
  5. Nuts

    1 Month Warning...

    1 Month Warning. That's what I just gave the family, via the private family FB page. One month of no quality, coherent time with Matt and we will be taking him off the vent. He was clear headed about a week ago just long enough to tell me that crazy communication doesn't count, so when he's...
  6. M

    EyeTracking to trigger fishing reel

    Hello all my name is charles howell and i have a friend with als. I am working on triggering electric reel with small app. looking for suggestions for other uses, ideas etc... thanks! Charles
  7. N

    Stem cell progress?

    hello, just curious if anyone is in a stem cell trial or know someone who is and how the progress is. Is it working? I know recently there were a lot of ALS centers in California that were accepting candidates for the trial and really haven't heard good or bad news about it. I had a friend who...
  8. Nikki J


    Our dear friend Wendy passed away last month. She was a lovely, brave and generous woman. It was my honor and pleasure to meet her in person this spring. Wendy is much missed by all of us here and of course by her family and friends. Deepest condolences to Chris and the rest of her...
  9. ShiftKicker

    Stay safe, Floridian friends

    I keep seeing updates on what seems to be a suddenly and unexpectedly powerful hurricane heading your way. I hope you are all safe where you live, or have already found a safe place to ride it out elsewhere. Take care
  10. J

    Worried about a couple symptoms

    For the past 2-3 years I have noticed my hands shake, to the point where it's difficult for me to, say, take a focused photo. About 2 months ago, a friend of mine noticed that the "shake" carried on up through my arm, like some kind of muscle spasm. Over the past couple of days, I've...