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    would like your thoughts on symptoms

    New to the forum, although I have searched the threads for a few weeks. Would like any and everyone's thoughts. I am 48, male, and lifted weights regularly since I was 18. My first neurological symptoms were nine years ago - sudden onset of twitches in legs, numbness on left side of face and...
  2. A

    ALS Footdrop fear. Really starting to affect me in school and personal life

    Hi. I understand these are quite common on these boards but I suppose I should explain my story. It all started when I noticed the muscles on the exterior part of my legs were "flat" especially when I flexed them, however both left and right legs had this flatness. I googled muscles weakness...
  3. Z

    Possible footdrop/worries about Als.

    I realize I am a little young to be worried about ALS but it is a fear I can't help but have. The chances of me having ALS at 18 are very slim but the worries are very real. For the last year or so I have had occasional tremors in my hands, I the point where I and anyone around me will notice if...
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    2 days since being diagnosed

    I dont know why but Im not wholly convinced. A couple of days ago my father got diagnosed at the age of 56 with ALS, apparently his EMG NCS showed this to be the case. The facts are : He had a fall about 6 months ago and he couldn’t walk on his left leg properly, this got progressively worse...
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    surgical footdrop becomes als

    Hip replacement surgery one year ago resulted in foot drop. Nine months later I developed foot drop symptoms in my other foot. Diagnosed with ALS on 1/29/2013. Has this ever happened to anyone else? Neurologist claims its just a coincidence.
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    Coping with my possible future diagnosis

    Hi all, I am a 27 yr old maleI have been having symptoms for approximately four months, which began with simple wekness on the right side of my body, especially in my rt shoulder. I brushed it off as i sleep on my rt arm and wake up with extreme numbness for about a minute. Then came along a...
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    Just diagonsed with PMA but that forum is inactive

    I would like to hear from others with this disease. I am in need of hopeful or positive input. I know this may be reaching to far. I know what I am facing and I am devastated. I am trying to hold it together for the sake of my husband who is in tears. I am 63 married with my only son at home...
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    Need advices about my symptoms

    Hi there, i have posted a question about am i having ALS around 6 month ago. Thanks to laurel suggested i dont have ALS, he suspected i have Monomelic amyotrophy (MMA), not ALS. After 6 month later, my situation getting a litte...
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    Can't lift my left foot or leg anymore...this is down right depressing

    I have had footdrop in left foot for about a year now...and footdrop in rt. foot since a couple months ago. I have noticied that left foot was getting harder to lift ..this week I find it no longer lifts..nor my leg. I had to literally pick up my leg to get it in the car this morning. :roll...
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    Bad Neuro Appt.

    Firstly, I am frustrated. I even waited two days before I wrote this so it wouldn't be too bad. I went to neuro on fri. This is the one that saw me a year ago and said 'lets wait and see'. Unfortunately, also the last time I went to this neuro my mom tried to convince her that it was nothing...