1. A

    Concerned. Symptoms and family histor

    I have progressive atrophy of my right leg along with abdominal twitches and twitches in calf thighs and peroneal and calf muscle of right leg has mother and maternal aunt died of als....but my neurons are not ready to take me as a patient because they say you are...
  2. M

    I'm sorry to ask... but I'm really scared.

    I'm really really really sorry to annoy you all, it's probably more the anxiety than me writing this but I'm really scared no matter how much I read the "That gives a percentage of 0.0001% or a 1 in million chance . . . and that's at best." I'm just unable to calm. I'm female, 31 (ok, i will...
  3. K

    Very Scared

    Hi Everyone, I hope that you're doing well. My name is Kevin and I have seen my Primary Care Physician and 3 Different Neurologists up until about a month and a half ago. About 6 months ago - I started noticing a pain in my left foot. I didn't think anything of it and it just kept getting...
  4. Y

    Problem with hands and feet

    The EDB in my right foot is different from the left.I have difficulty walking. I can not stand on your right toes for a long time. Pain is occurring. I feel pain in my legs and my legs.I read on the internet that Als disease affects EDB. Right? Atrophy or hypertrophy of the foot in these...
  5. ShiftKicker

    Red shiny painful toes

    I've seen mention of similar issues before but can't find something exactly like- I have suddenly developed shiny bright red toes on my left foot. Hot to the touch. It is not the joints, but under the skin on top and running forward to the tips of my toes. Not super swollen, but enough to make...
  6. A

    Is this ALS or hypochondria?

    Hi guys, and sorry for my bad English. So, I am 21 year old guy from Finland and I have had some very scary symptoms about two months. First all started in my left foot, which has some myokymia in my calf and sol. Then myokymias started to spread to my right foot and little to my both arms. My...