1. Firefighter58

    Food processor

    Hi folks, can you guys advise me on a good food processor to make up feed tube mixtures. Don’t need it yet but getting close to Christmas and you never know what Santa my bring. Thanks Al.
  2. K

    PALs Losing Tastebuds?

    Hello, all, Anyone else have the experience of their PAL losing their sense of taste? Today I asked my mother how she liked the new seedless jam I got her. She said she had no idea. She can't taste most of her food. She did not have bulbar onset, but she is starting to have more bulbar...
  3. A

    Bulbar symptoms

    I know I have posted here in the past and I’m sure that will not fare well with many who have graciously taken the time to answer me in the past. Basically have been having the sensation of food going up my nasal passage with swallowing of liquids and solids. No choking, no coughing just can...
  4. ReginaS

    9 months past diagnosis

    Hi all, My partner was diagnosed w. ALS in February (2018). He might have noticed the first signs in Oct. 2017 in his right foot. He got a leg brace for drop foot. His right arm/had and foot/leg are very weak. Now he has significant pain in his right wrist. I got him a brace and it's best if...
  5. K

    Howdy, and Here's My Story

    Hello all, I've been combing the forums for a month or so, mostly because I'm not sure how to manoeuvre around here. I've been learning a LOT from forum, so many helpful people, and especially I've been feeling like I'm getting to know some of you, if not by actual name, then by user name...
  6. R

    Is this depression or something else

    My pals began a new behavior last week. She has been dealing with a lot of losses - speech, ability to swallow food, choking on pheglm etc. and started sleeping more and more. Sleeps 11 hours at night. Gets up and tries to drink a little coffee, goes to bathroom then gets back in bed. Family...
  7. S

    27 Year Old Male please read

    Hi y’all thank you for taking the time out to read this ... I have been living in fear for almost 3 years and I feel like I have to post here now .. My worries Started back 2.5 years ago when I had body wide twitching.. since then I started to notice how sometimes I slur a word or 2.. Since that...
  8. P

    Looking advice on diagnosis

    Hello dear people, First and foremost I have to say that I have utmost respect for everyone who replies to the posts of us health worriers - this forum has helped me immensely when looking for information about this terrible illness. My story is this, I am 28 years old male, I have got a PhD...
  9. N

    Progressive symptoms, very worried about ALS

    I have been having unusual symptoms since a couple of weeks after the birth of my third child in April although things seem to have really progressed since late July. ALS only really appeared on my radar about 3 weeks ago when I felt my speech was changing. I have copied my main concerns below...
  10. M

    Seeking Orlando Neuro

    Hello. I Live in Orlando Fl. I am 52 years young seeking a Neuromuscular specialist in my area. I have been getting passed around from physician to physician for 7 months now. My Primary care Physician team feels as helpless as I do and they have worked hard to get me answers. 7 months ago...