1. G

    Possible MND from Aug 2015

    Dear all, I will try to make my story as short as possible. I am 49 years old male, finance manager. Two years ago I started to notice problems with walking and went to see my MD. He sent me to a neurologist who found that I have hyperreflexia, babinski on left leg, foot clonus, made brain...
  2. S

    Caregiving Round 2

    As it's been almost a year now since My Lizzy passed and as some know I have someone new in my life whom I think the world of. My G/F was very upfront about her Bipolar M/D condition right from when we started just chatting as old friends about How I was doing and if the kids needed anything (...
  3. KimT

    Need Advice

    I'm in a lot of pain and some of it is from packing and bending with weak muscles. Much of it is from the sprained ankle that didn't heal. The rest is just this beast. I went from walking fast to a wheelchair. I have a transport chair and one I can roll myself. I'm ordering a light power...
  4. C

    HELP! is it time to pull the plug?

    hello my grandmother has had ALS diagnosed for 10 years. the last 3-4 years bed ridden no voice maybe 1-2% no movement , constant aspiration from food and water because she didn't want feeding tube and enjoys eating. she is 78 years old she now has severe pneumonia from aspiration and in the...
  5. I

    45 year old woman recently diagnosed with ALS

    hello, This is the first time I've joined any type of forum and from what I've read i feel this is a good place to start to get help to the zillions of questions i have about this new life and maybe my journey will help someone else cope. I'm a 45 year old woman diagnosis with ALS in January...
  6. F

    My Brother newly diagnosed

    Hello, My brother is 67 and has been so active till the last year. He had back problems and some surgery and that helped his back pain. However, He still swings his hp when he walks, and said it was because of a paralyzed big toe. Myself and his Finance have been trying to get him to go to a...
  7. M

    Genervon's Multiple Target ALS Drug

    Multiple Target ALS Drug Ready for Genervon's Phase 2 Trial - Yahoo! Finance Comments?
  8. E


    Pfizer cancer drug wins special status; shares jump time for Us to get serious about replacing the word cancer with ALS. We have many Levers To pull. We just Need Choose a treatment, select the levers, And recruit people willing to pull them. the last one is simple and Potentially exceedingly...
  9. st123


    Ugh - 'nuf said :(
  10. CGARS

    ALS Canada Hill Day June 4-5, 2012

    Advocacy ALS Canada Hill Day June 4-5, 2012 ALS Canada is working hard to improve the quality of life for people living with ALS. That means advocating on their behalf – and their family caregivers too – as they often experience financial hardship in the wake of this disease. We will bring...