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    Unsure of future

    Hi everybody, I was hoping maybe some of you could read my post and try to give me advise. I have been struggling for 15 months to be diagnosed and don't even have a follow-up with a doctor as of now! It started l11/5/05 when I felt this electrical type shooting in my head, my heart rate...
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    New here and looking for direction

    Hello I am new here and looking for some direction. I am hoping some of you may be able to point me the right way. Here is a bit of history; Middle aged female, history of osteoarthritis in my back, right side weakness, migrains. Appox. 6-7 months ago noticed a lump in my calf muscle. Not...
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    hello im needing soom support tonight

    im feeling a bit freaked out because so much is coming at me with the possibility of having ALS or PMA i know nothing about the real course of all this and im feeling particllarily alone tonight went to see the neuro sugeon monday for something else and during the mtg he looked at my hands and...