1. R

    Left leg problems

    Hey all. Long time lurker, first time poster. Just want your thoughts. I’m at wits end and don’t know where to go. My symptoms started with what seemed like an upper respiratory infection 8 months ago (fevers, chills, body aches, sweats, runny nose, cough). This afterwards went to left...
  2. C

    What`s going on....

    Hi! Sorry for my English but I`m from small country named Bulgaria and we don`t speak English as native language. So i`m 32 y. old and I have very nasty symptoms.. Everything starts 5-6 years ago with twitching from stress... No weakness. 1 year ago I start yawning - maybe 40-50 times a day. 5...
  3. J


    hello ill try to make this short but any input from pals would be much appreciated. Oct 2nd 2014 that was when I first noticed something was off with me, I noticed I had lost 15lbs for no reason. Im 32 years old 5ft 11in and currently weight 180 lbs. I know weight loss as a first symptom of MND...
  4. M

    EMG Interpretation

    We saw the second guy for a follow up yesterday. All the blood work came back good, which isn't a good thing, as you all know. He said there are still somethings to consider, but I could tell that he is not sure where else this could be going. We also got the summary of the third EMG. Can...
  5. D

    Als clinic indianapolis

    Good afternoon, My name is Debbie and I live in Indianapolis, IN. I am writing today to get personal input as to what I need to expect next during the diagnosis process and anything you can recommend as I go to upcoming appointments. To give you some background information, I have been to my...
  6. S

    Help with EMG Results - cleared?

    Hello, I posted several months ago about symptoms and concern that I possibly had ALS. I had several symptoms that included no confidence in my gait, twitching, pain, and cold spots on arm and leg. This forum provided reassuring feedback that it didn't sound like ALS. I have sense had an...
  7. T

    Do I have ALS?

    Hi, So I am a new member to this forum but I've been a guest on this forum for months. I admire all you guys and I hope and pray I will be as strong as most of you as I go through my journey. Here is my story: I started twitching last June. I started in my torso and legs. I didn't...
  8. R

    What do I do when BFS and anxiety is ALS?

    Hi All, I'd like to start by saying I have the highest respect for PALS and CALS living with ALS. Before posting I have reviewed alot of the previous posts and sticky's to answer my own questions, however the time has come where I need personal advice as my situation is unique and scary. Any...
  9. P

    Fibrillation potential

    Hello all...just one more question.....sorry to pester. Can someone tell me about fibrillation potentials. My emg shows them but I thought they indicated lower motor neuron issues. As my diagnosis is pls I am a bit confused.
  10. Barbie

    UMN vs LMN Damage Signs

    I found this on the web today, thought summarized the info very well. The difference between LMN and UMN damage seems to confuse many. Signs of Upper Motor Neuron Lesions (UMNL) 1. Paralysis or weakness of movements of the affected side but gross movements may be produced. No muscle atrophy...
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