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    23 years old worried about als/ is this als?

    Hello everyone, Im very concerned about als and hope someone can help me with some answers. I am experiencing a lot of twitching throughout my body for about 4 months now and for about a month now I've notice my left calf is smaller than my right calf. My right when flex feels strong yet my left...
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    24 year old female. Very concerned.

    Okay so I posted this previously in the wrong place, and was directed here. I am a 24 year old female from Hamilton, Ontario Canada. For 5 days now(I know it's not a long time) I have been experiencing scary symptoms. I have twitching while my body is at rest i have twitching all over as well...
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    Anxious about symptoms

    Hi all, I am here because, naturally, I am worried I might be exhibiting symptoms of ALS. I know it would be rare to have it at my age [25 years] and my gender [female], however, it does happen. I haven't been exhibiting symptoms, knowingly, for very long. I have had a few leg cramps over the...
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    23 year old female ALS?

    Hello, I am coming on here first to thank you for reading my post and also tell you all how strong you are and I pray there will be a cure. I am 23 years old, female, around 125 lbs and 5'7 and half. I am not very active and don't eat the best but i have been changing my eating habits over the...
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    Looking for advice or guidance. Thank You.

    Hi All, After months and months of weird bothersome symptoms, 4 neuro appts, various other appts, I'm here to pick your brain a bit. I've also received very little family/friend support during this time and feel pretty alone and isolated at this point. I'm sort of at a breaking point so I've...
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    Spasticity and Twitches- Very Scared

    Hi everyone, I'm a 23 year old female, and for the past 2 weeks I've noticed I've been having spasticity in my left foot. Whenever I'm relaxing my muscle, my toes will bend, or separate, or my whole foot will move. There's no pain, it really just feels like my foot is moving, except I'm not...
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    Opinions please

    I am a 28 year old female. In May my hands started to feel strange, like they weren't working properly. I often miss where I mean to grab (toilet paper, door handle, etc) and it would take a second try to get it right. I have dropped a few things. I feel as though my hands are weak but I still...