female urinal

  1. adozi

    Things I wish I'd known about earlier that make life easier with ALS

    Female urinal Check for medical equipment resources available (loan closets, AT4all, etc). There is a lot of used equipment out there, and you'll need money. Ventilators are portable. We can roll around with them. Get the wheelchair you'll need, NOT a scooter (as soon as possible, prescribed...
  2. zoohouse


    So, I have been looking at different urinals to use with my husband while he is in his PWC, as I have found the normal one sits level and then I have to push the base down so that he is not sitting in the urine, but the ones I have are quite flimsy and cave in. I looked at the spill proof ones...
  3. B

    The Bathroom

    Does anyone else who has now lost the ability to use the bathroom alone have any words of wisdom? I live with my brother and sister-in-law and have a part-time caregiver but this issue is literally making me crazy. I worry constantly about when I have to go and who is around...people try to...
  4. Ms. Pie

    Female urinal that really works!

    I'm in TX being spoiled by family. My sister and I found female urinal that works! It's called Mabis Female Urinal. We drilled a hole in it about an inch from the bottom on the top for pressure release to avoid drips and not a drip dropped! You can use it sitting or lying down. I put a towel...
  5. B

    waking multiple times a night for a woman

    ok i saw this thread somewhere else but dealing with a male as there were condom cathedors involved my mom gets her meds and then water and nutritional drink at night (3 times a day) so obv shes gonna have to pee, which she does but then wakes up several times a night. My stepdad is about to...
  6. B

    Needing Caregivers....HELP!

    ok so this is very frusturating. Mom is on medicade, but shes still on stepdads insurance, who works for the govt. From what i understand either most places say he makes too much money to do payscale or other options or i really dont know wtf the problem is (excuse the french but everyone in my...
  7. D

    Calling from Australia

    Hi to all, I am Denise, thought to have MS,was ruled out.Specialist ordered MRI,Blood, Spinal Tap, all OK. On the second needle test just said you have MND,asked which one as I like to organise things, I was not frightened about which one it was. I can barely stand, balance has gone on...