1. starente15

    Questions for Clinic Visit #2

    Good morning everyone. We have our second clinic visit next Friday (was supposed to be in February but was moved up due to what seems like quicker progression). I was wondering if there were any questions I should be thinking of. I go with a list to ensure we get as much info as possible but...
  2. C

    New Forum Participant

    Hi, All, I've been a member of the ALS Forums for a while and even posted a question or two. But this is the first time I've posted to this subforum. I'm the primary caretaker of a good friend of mine, Patti. She was official diagnosed in November 2013, and she's been living with me since...
  3. HeatherFeather

    I feel so DUMB or The trials and tribulations of a fairly new caregiver :-(

    ARGHHHHH! Sorry - just had to let that one out! I've been taking care of DH only for a very short while so far, compared to soooo many of you seasoned CALS. He was diagnosed end October and has been getting worse so very fast so it's only been 2 months and a bit. Here's why I'm saying I feel...
  4. starente15

    First fall

    I'm freaking out. My dad fell to his knees getting out of bed this morning. I didn't see it nor did my mother. He said it's the angle he's on that caused it. I asked if he could swing his legs around and put them on the floor first and he said "if I can sit up." I had no idea that was an issue...
  5. T

    Swollen Feet

    Hi all... Happy Holidays! I have had extremely swollen feet for the last couple weeks. The tops of my feet almost look balloon-like along with my ankles. Also feet feel rather cold. I fell a few weeks ago and cut the top of my left foot. It is not healing fast like I normally do. I assume...
  6. M

    A Little Nervous in North Texas

    Hi all. I discovered this forum while looking online for conditions that could imitate ALS. My current neuro thinks I may have ALS but wants me to seek a second opinion at a top center in Texas. At this point I do not know what to think. Obviously I hope my neuro is wrong. I am a 49 y/o...
  7. tripete

    First Visible Muscle Wasting

    Noticed my first muscle wasting in my left foot today - I broke down. It is so difficult. I was looking at a nice thread this morning on tips and tricks to help with ALS, when I saw things about wheel chairs and so on my heart just fell. It is so hard to believe it is actually happening.