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  1. Kristina1

    mexiletine side effects please advise

    Hi I was hoping others who are on or have tried mexiletine could chime in with their experience. Apologies in advance for the length of this post. Background: I'm in the AMX0035 (amylyx) clinical trial in the open label phase meaning we know for sure I am receiving the real drug. I was told...
  2. Gmr8691

    Thought i was getting better but now it seems worse

    So i posted a thread back in december about having bodywide twitching. I cant seem to find it now so i figured id start a new one with some concerns. Im still getting bodywide twitches that seemed to go away for a few weeks but now they are back and the ones in my right foot are way worse and...
  3. P

    Worried sick about my son in law could this be als

    Hi im just looking for some advise , My son in law is 26 was very fit caring for severely disabled ppl for the last 7 years. About a year ago he started feeling vibrations in his legs but was still getting around. Over the last couple of months it has become where he isnt managing to stand...
  4. K

    BiPap: Possible to Have Too Much Air?

    My 87 year old mother just got her BiPap machine four days ago. Therapist set it up for her, and the rental unit relays info by wifi to the therapist's office, and he can control it remotely. She felt like it was blowing air too harshly into her lungs over the weekend, and I asked him to dial...
  5. 1

    What do I have?

    So glad I have found this group. I have some serious symptoms and questions about tests that I hope someone can answer for me. In April of 2017 I started falling for no reason. My knees would just buckle and down I would go. I fell at least once a week thmonth of April. Then I would go about...
  6. P

    Scared and sad...

    First off, thanks to everyone on these forums. I have been visiting a bit as I'm quite convinced my girlfriend of 10 years has developed this terrible disease. A year ago today we were on our snowmobiles in northern Maine... it seems impossible that we are where we are right now. Sharon...
  7. P

    Symptoms need further exploring?

    So I've had a slew of variety of symptoms over the years first being on and off all over muscle twitching. The started about two years ago and subsided probably in a matter of a couple of days. Always seems to come and go. I was just seeing by to neurologist for headaches and some other...
  8. M

    Do I have ALS

    Hello, people!!! I'm so sorry for bothering you all and taking your precious time.. One day(it's became my dream lately..) I want to discover a cure for this awful, terrible disease... I'm a tall(1.85 m), white, 14 year old boy living in Europe. Recently I've noticed muscle twitches mainly in...
  9. E

    Vertigoo / Dizziness

    Hello everyone, Lately, my father has been having short episodes of dizziness and vertigo. He literally says that his head "goes away." Today he was shaving, standing alone, in front of the mirror, and almost fell because he got dizzy. The weird thing is that he can walk for a mile with a cane...
  10. T

    New EMG?

    Hi I'm 33 YO Male thin but athletic. - since almost 12 months I feel some strange involuntary move in my tongue and ring in the ear. - since almost 7 months fascics in my inner right foot began and shortly spread all over my body but it is still most intense in initial location. - I'm pretty...

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