1. Duker52

    Incomplete Feeding Tube Surgery?

    On Monday I had the stitches taken out that were holding the little plastic disc to my stomach. This morning as I was stepping out of the shower the entire feeding tube came out. Called my surgeon and he said go to the ER. We went there and the doctor tried to insert a replacement, but the...
  2. S

    Feeding Tube Surgery

    It looks as if my PALS will be getting the feeding tube soon. I am wondering what are the different types of tubes and is there different ones for different situations or conditions? Also, is it normally out patient or will he be staying in the hospital? Thanks in advance for your replies!
  3. R

    Tube feeding, mucus

    I have read that pineapple juice is supposed to thin mucus. Do you have to drink it or can you put in tube?
  4. rose

    The Tube Chic blog is back.

    Hello everyone, I just now posted about this in the general discussion forum, but wanted to make mention here too. I had started a blog on tube feeding, but did not develop it, nor keep it active. After almost two years of it just languishing (and me paying for web hosting!) it is now up and...
  5. rose

    Hello everyone!

    It has been a long time since I dropped off of this forum. The losses of those I'd grown close to got to be too much for me. I grew to feel overwhelmed with a kind of "survivor guilt". And, it breaks my heart now to see who has passed, without me knowing. However, it was good and much...
  6. Duker52

    Feeding Tubes and Syringes

    This is Larry. I'm Bill's caregiver - and husband. Bill got a G-tube put in about 10 days ago. He can still swallow but we are using the tube now to practice for when he must rely on it. His tube has the BARD logo on it and seems to be made of silicone. The 60 ml syringes we have are made by...
  7. S

    If only our minds could escape for a little while!

    My sweet PALS got me a spa package for my last birthday. He knew I wasn't thrilled about turning 29 again, lol! I went today. It was really awesome. 3 hours of pampering. The problem is I just can't seem to turn off my brain... I tried my hardest to relax and just enjoy it but my thoughts...
  8. M

    "How's your mom?"

    Does anyone else struggling with answering this question? Whether it be your mom, dad, husband, brother, sister, etc.? This may seem like a strange post but I have been struggling with this lately. I have a wonderful support system with family, church family, and friends, who genuinely care...
  9. C

    HELP! is it time to pull the plug?

    hello my grandmother has had ALS diagnosed for 10 years. the last 3-4 years bed ridden no voice maybe 1-2% no movement , constant aspiration from food and water because she didn't want feeding tube and enjoys eating. she is 78 years old she now has severe pneumonia from aspiration and in the...
  10. Duker52

    Respiratory Failure 101

    I don't mean to be morose, but this is something I know only bits and pieces about. Not to offend anyone, but my greatest fear is losing control of my extremities and not being able to move. I want to die of respiratory failure long before that time comes. My respiration three weeks ago was...