1. Nikki J

    Feeding tube poll

    Recent discussion made me wonder what type of procedure most get and why. Please only answer if you or your PALS have/ had a tube already this is only asking about the procedure used to insert the tube. Once it is in things are the same The PEG is generally done by a surgeon ot...
  2. L

    Posting here also.....

    Also thank you for sharing and coming on here as follow up. Your words hit home as there is so few that understand what we are going through. I have found some here thank God. My husband is a rock of a guy and extremely private. He will not discuss what is going on, or even admit it to himself...
  3. Angeljo2

    Vent and trach

    Would like to know how some of y'all on vent and teach are doing.my pal is on both and has a peg in the bed 24/7 it seems his feeding go,s right though him. He lost 8 pounds last month.
  4. J

    Is this ALS?

    My dads speech appeared somewhat slurred around the beginning of July 2016. He went to his doctor which told him his B-12 was very low. 2 weeks later it was no better and he would choke when he ate so he went back to his doctor who referred him to an ENT. The ENT noticed his tongue twitching and...
  5. rose

    Directions for making access hole in underlayers of clothing

    I'm working hard to get more content added into the sewing and adapting clothing section of my blog. There will be more (hopefully by the end of next week) but, today I did put up a short post with directions for making an access opening for undershirts. Its nice to have a layer under my...
  6. rose

    The Lopez Valve

    Hello PALS and CALS, I recently ran across the mention of a "lopez valve" on another website. I was curious, ordered one from Amazon, tried it out, and wrote a short review of it on my blog. There seems to be very little talk of it here on the ALS forums, when I did a search, the only thing...
  7. S

    PEG care

    My PALS had his feeding tube put in 5 days ago. Are you supposed to rotate the bolster every time you clean the stoma? Today when I cleaned it, the bolster didn't want to turn, it seems tighter to the skin and the skin was a little red around it. When I tried to turn it, PALS said it hurt a...
  8. S

    Dad just diagnosed

    Hi all, My 82 year old dad has just (Wednesday) been diagnosed with MND. He has been having swallowing difficulties for about six months, and kept being told by his doctor that it was a sad but inevitable fact of old age. Then his speech started to slur, as though he was drunk, and I insisted...
  9. rose

    The in depth review of Real Food Blends is up on the TubeChic blog

    Not only do I have lots of photos of the blended meals (for tube feeding) I included what Medicare requires for documentation, in case this is something you are interested in looking into. Welcome! | Tube Chic | Living well with a feeding tube
  10. rose

    photo comparison of mic-key versus mini one button

    Hi, I changed out my peg tube yesterday, and, if you're curious as to how the MIC-KEY and AMT Mini One compare with each other, before I put the new peg in, I took a few photos of it alongside the other model button. When my long dangler tube was first switched out to a low profile type...