faster progression

  1. Lkaibel


    I just wanted to say that I am grateful. At the eight month mark on February 28th, Brian's "only" impairments are weakening in his left hand and left foot/leg. He walks, talks, eats, drives. He goes to swimming and adaptive yoga. His blood 02 is 98% and his capacity is normal. He still climbs...
  2. ShiftKicker

    Shingles causing faster progression?

    Hello- In February of last year, I experienced a very quick progression from a weak leg to a very spastic leg during the same time I was suffering from a cold sore/shingles break out along my trigimenic nerve route. The neuro I was seeing at the time (general neurologist) thought it was...
  3. D

    Progression faster in older pals?

    Thought I posted this last night but I can't find it. Wondering if anyone has seen any data on pALS that were older when DX'd have faster progression? I seem to see that in my pALS and some of his older friends. Don't think he'll make two years. Sherry
  4. P


    so many say onset such and such a time....this really is noticeable onset...onset could be months or years earlier...example, I noticed a problem when I could not turn key in lawnmower with left hand...I am right handed....went to dr, right hand squeeze strength 90 lbs, left hand squeeze...
  5. Q

    I was reading about ALS...

    Hello, I am a young man approaching my 25th year on this earth, who just may have MND... Hoping To God I Don't, but if I do I'm gonna fight the good fight... And I just wanted to say that I've noticed a great many people who have lived with this disease for over 10 years! There is...