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    Is extreme muscle fatigue a sign of muscle weakness

    Hi everyone .. newbie here ..just starting the diagnosis train, appointment with neuro at end of July. Right hand/arm problem began about five weeks ago with severe pain on back of hand, no obvious cause. Then three weeks ago, coming on over period of two days, significant pins and needles...
  2. D

    Alcohol abuse along with ALS

    My husband was diagnosed on 10/8/10 with ALS. He has been drinking heavily and using klonopin to help with the fasiculation. I am his wife and I am so upset. I don't know how I should be with him right now. His drinking and taking a narcotic have me terrified. I came home from work today...
  3. X

    A Worried Friend, Could it be ALS?

    Hi all, Hope most of you're having a good day unlike a friend of mine who is literally being eaten away from the fear of ALS. Hats off to those who have ALS disorder but fighting it everyday. I'll try to keep it short. . . here it goes. My friend started having weakness in his left thigh 2...
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    Desprate for help and answers

    I'm sure you get these questions way to often. But I have know where else to turn. I need help I have believed I have had this disease for probably 2 yrs now. I had an emg done twice the last one was feburary I had it done in every part of my body even my tongue. The said everything was...
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    Hey All, Baby is here, Me well?!

    Hi there, I see everyone is still kicking and chatting it up here. I as well when I thought I was in impending doom. I am sure you all recall my story. I will refresh. Don't worry I will make it short..... 31 months ago I had widespread random twitching- it went away- UNFORTUNATELY it came...
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    Reallly DOWN, I need help PALS ASAP!

    Hi there (28 yr old female)- I have been or had been feeling GREAT lately after my EMG. My story to refresh- I had/have experienced widespread twitching about 20 someting plus months ago- it went away on its on. Dont know how or why. Well 3 months or so into my pregnancy it came back Random...
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    Diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease: Our Story

    I'm writing this for all of those of you who are desperately searching for a story they can or can't relate to. On the one hand I wanted to find something that I could relate to, but on the other hand what that meant was very scary, but I needed to know! Our journey began about a year and a...
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    Multifocal Motor Neuropathy

    I'm hoping for clarification on MMN. My husband has muscle weakness, atrophy, cramping and fasiculation in legs. Beginning in left then right. I have read about MMN and was just wondering if in the absence of any loss of strength in hands or arms could it possibly be MMN? Just working on...
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    Questions about fasiculations

    What do fasciculations feel like? Do they last a long time (seconds) or are they quick (less than a second). I think I have them but I want to be sure. And what about large twitches that move your body (like the ones you get when you're about to fall asleep) . . . are those signs of ALS too?
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    My Mother says she has 'twitches ' in her arm - like a 'pulse'. Is that how Fasciculations feel/look?