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    Question about EMG please

    Hi all Recently had an EMG but was unconvinced about how it was done. Showed no evidence of fasiculation in calves even though they're twitching like crazy. If you stick the needle in the side of the calf instead of the back where it is wasted does it still give an accurate reading? Apologies...
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    Do i have ALS

    It started in 3/25/14 i was at work and my heart started racing for no reason i tried to settle down but my heart would not stop palpitating so i went to the emergency room. They told me i a had a panic attack. So i went home and ended up back in the ER 3 times within two week because of the...
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    31 year old new mom- twitching, cramps, recent visit to ALS specialist at Hopkins

    Hello everyone. I should start off by saying what a wonderful support group this seems like. It is truly great to see people from around the world supporting one another in the fight against this terrible disease. I am a 31 year old female with widespread fassiculations that began in November...
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    Someone please respond!

    Sorry to repost the SAME thing..but I am new at posting and someone told me my post belonged here. I am just hoping to get some responses from people who may know alot about ALS or people with similar symptoms....I am praying someone can help me with some advice! Please respond. My symptoms...
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    HELP please!

    I am not sure how to start a thread so I am praying someone can help me with some advice! Please respond. My symptoms started 5 years ago with a tongue twitch I could feel and scalloped tongue..upon exam I do have what appears to be some atrophy in my hands and ankles. I also had bodywide...
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    Had violent fasiculation in left calf

    This occurred while sitting. Could even see my pant leg moving. Now it feels less responsive and a bit more flabby when walking....is it weakened? Had fasiculations in right leg overnight while on Lyrica. My left leg is usually the problem child.
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    Back for the thrid time with virtually no swallowing

    Hi All, I posted some time ago about my swallowing issues. I have been liquids for 2 years. Recently I had to go to thin liquids, and the past few days I am aspirating. I've had 5 EMG's & NCS's, CT scan of head, oesophageal manometry, Nerve hyperexcitability test. The diagnosis has so far...
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    Does anyone know?

    Hi, I had an EMG done last week and I got the results back but I do not know what they actually mean. There was evidence of fasiculation in opponens pollicis, something about large complex units in the tricpes. Small units in cervical paraspinals. The nerve conduction was fine.
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    Worried about my symptoms

    I'm a 26yo male and I've recently had a lot of distress with symptoms and am worried it could be ALS. I'm curious if anyone here can share their opinion. The order of the symptoms is: 1. Tinnitus (Ringing in the ears) - Started 3 Months Ago - Getting Worse - Constant 2. Buzzing/Tingling in the...
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    Dear All Hello , I have been suffering from a progressive neurological illness for the past 14 months . started with tingling/pins and needls in my little finger July 2010 which progressed up my arm and then a buzzing in my rt foot, I have had every blood test you coud list low B12 ( now i...