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    Tongue fascikulation and emg

    Hello all! One week ago I had a new emg done because of observed fascikulations in my tongue by doctor (some I feel some I do not feel...) I also have continuous twitching in both legs and also random all over my body... The twitching has been going on for 14 months now.... My right leg is...
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    Fascikulation in Emg

    I am wondering if anyone knows about the importance of fascikulations showing up on emg? I have twithing mainly in my legs, but when my emg was done, I cold not feel them and the neurologist said that there were no sign of them on the emg. the test came back normal, but the big question for me...
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    symptoms and your opinion

    hello, I'm interested in your opinion. My symptoms have started since December. I have a pain in the left side of the back and the pain and when you took a deep breath. This is below the shoulder blades and down. This pain is aggravated when to bend and took a deep breath when you exercise with...
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    Help me pleseeeeee

    hello, please help me. I have 22 years, and i have 5 month fascikulation everyvhere on my body. In my back when i deep breath tightens me one muscle and a little pain. I have skolioses, do you think because of that or mybe als? I be on neurologist and he said that not als. babinski is...
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    Frustrated. My story

    hi everyone! :) (not diagnosed) i´m a 31 year old male with a strange story of symptoms. I´m not really here to get a diagnose but i have bin dragged into this dr. google phenomenon. I just want to tell my story. Maybe someone want to comment. I feel a little bit alone with this. If you are...