1. B

    Wife and I - Similar Symptoms within Weeks: Viral Origin?

    I'm a 56 year old M.D. 2 months ago, my wife, also 56, noticed a fasciculation in her thumb which has progressed to bilateral calf, foot, buttock, and to a lesser degree, abdominal twitches with some calf cramping. No weakness. Neurologist was not impressed, no EMG done. About 6 weeks after...
  2. F


    Hi everyone I have noticed my fasciuations have lessened a lot lately, thogh I am more and more weak and can't walk anymore, anybody noticed that too, am i the only one? is that normal? Thanks a lot.
  3. F

    what you think?

    is someone with bulbar als have crakling in one ear, pain in cheekbones, or behind ear? Is someone with als have fasciculation who move finger? i have tingling on my head sometimes, sometimes in my leg and arms. i have fasciculation in all body including my tongue one year and 7 month. my back...
  4. trfogey

    Satirical posts in the forum

    In the past week, we've had a little fun with some satirical posts about a few things that we see a lot of in this part of ALSForums. We've had some laughs, vented some of our irritations, and some of our members have demonstrated a creative spirit that we all envy. But, as with most good...
  5. glupavomomiche

    Scared I have BFS

    I'm, like, a 33 year old female, and I'm not in good health. I have a lot of weakness all over, I have foot drop, I can't walk anymore without a brace and a cane or walker, and I have trouble swallowing and eating. I went to LOTS of neuros, and they were like, OMG, you have ALS, you're gonna...
  6. F

    muscle atrophy twitching

    hello i came down with what i was told was POTS Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome last Feb 2012 but i have other symptoms that pots dont realy cover. i get the twitching all over , but more twitching in both my calves more so on my left side, i seem to always have twitching...
  7. F

    als? bulbar?

    I have fasciculation 1 year and 8 month i all body, on hand, on foot, on legs, chest, face.. sometimes on my leg or hand tingling. I have sometimes fasciculation on my tongue. One day i have fasciculation on tongue, than pass 3 month i dont have, and than come back again. last 1 month when i...
  8. D

    EMG/NCS Findings -- Is this ALS?

    Hi Everyone, First off, thanks for your endless patience with those of us who are nervous about our symptoms. I hope you have time to answer my question. I've been a member of ALS Forums for over two years. My brother died of ALS in August 2011. He told me that he had intense muscle cramps...
  9. F

    symptom als?

    Can someone tell me does hypertony muscle pain? I have fasciculation in my all body inclouding tongue. Im my tongue fasciculation blink one day and after that stop and after 2 month again blink. Fasciculation in my arm and my foot move my little finger. Is that normal? My fasciculation is like...