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    I'm sorry to ask... but I'm really scared.

    I'm really really really sorry to annoy you all, it's probably more the anxiety than me writing this but I'm really scared no matter how much I read the "That gives a percentage of 0.0001% or a 1 in million chance . . . and that's at best." I'm just unable to calm. I'm female, 31 (ok, i will...
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    We sorrow that Pecas has passed. Peace to her family. Peace to anyone who loved her; she filled a room.
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    Father was just given “probable diagnosis”

    Hi and thank you in advance for reading- My dad is 64 and overall is a healthy, active person. To say we are devastated is an understatement- it seemingly came out of nowhere and has turned our world upside down. He is scheduled for a 5 day evaluation at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester at the end...
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    Do i have Als?

    Hello i'm a 16 year old boy and i'm suspecting symptoms of ALS. Now i'm not sure if i do actually have symptoms of ALS but it feels like it does. Reasons i could have Als: First of all i feel like my right foot and i guess leg is weaker or just feels different i'm not sure if it is actually...
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    25 Yo male, got some concerns

    Hi everyone, I want your opinions in my case. I am a 25 yo male, living in Netherlands and for the past 2 months i have been experiencing some symptoms. I know it is almost impossible to have als at my age with no family history, but the anxiety these past months is creating other problems in...