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  1. J

    Unfortunately I may have to walk away

    I can't begin to explain how bad things are now. Jay is so miserable and uncomfortable and angry with me. He's mad at me every single day. He's saying crazy things that he wants to sell the house. He's absolutely mean to me. Picks at me all day long. He's so uncomfortable and in pain. I know...
  2. E

    Hello from Edmonton

    Good day everyone, I have joined the ALS society because well it is a cause that is near and dear to my heart. In grade 8 I wrote a paper on woman who asked for the right to die with dignity as this extremely painful degenerative disease took her life. Her story impacted me on so many levels...
  3. L

    out of the shadows

    In May 2016, after a series of falls and visits to many doctors, my mother was diagnosed with ALS. I've been lurking here, scared to come out and say anything, touched by so many stories here and by the support you all offer one another. I have benefitted indirectly when I was feeling quite...
  4. NothingButLove

    Acquiring genetic testing results from a deceased family member

    Let's say you had a first cousin who passed away from ALS in 2011. Now you have ALS and you don't know if your cousin had genetic testing done. None of your family members know if your first cousin had genetic testing done. Here's my questions: Could you find out if she had genetic testing...
  5. A

    Early/Precursor Symptoms?

    I've been debating about posting here for some time. I believe there is a pretty good chance you'll all tell me "It's not ALS, go away," and, maybe, that's what I need to hear. I've been fearful of ALS ever since I watched it eat away my grandfather as a child. Many people have said that I...
  6. C


    I've read the sticky and still have some questions. Recently we had someone close to use pass away from this horrible disease, she was not a family member but a family friend. I myself have been battling an illness for awhile now but had convinced myself it wasn't ALS due to the pain I was...
  7. R

    Newly diagnosed family member

    My 29 year old Nephew was officially Dx'd with ALS last week. We are all devastated. I am trying to guide him, as to when he should apply for disability, etc. I do not want to overwhelm him, but I want to be proactive. He has only been married a few months and has a young Son. I want to help...
  8. kevinw

    Clonazepam (Klonopin) Withdrawal Story

    Now a I know a lot of people don't get prescribed this for PLS. I was early on when I mentioned that sleeping was a problem with soreness in my legs and my mind racing trying to get to sleep. This a story about my past week attempting to taper off of Klonopin. I was taking three per day, well...
  9. V

    Fearful of ALS due to shoulder symptoms.

    Hello everyone. Thank you in advance to any PALS who may post upon this thread. I understand that it takes a great effort, and I am hugely appreciative. (Thank you to any CALS as well, your work is amazing.) I'm a 21 year old male, and I understand that my chances of getting ALS are 0.002%...
  10. F

    CALS and PALS Question

    Can my daughter be paid for taking care of me? She does not work, and I need help. I just got approval for Medicare, and I have secondary insurance through work (I am retired) too. I have long term care insurance, but they will not cover a family member. Hugs, Deb
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