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family member

  1. M

    Rushed ALS Diagnosis ??

    First off, my heart goes out to all of you. You are so incredibly brave and generous with sharing your time, experience and support. My husband walked into a neurologist's office with symmetrical muscle weakness and walked out with a diagnosis of ALS. Some background - My husband is 51 and...
  2. E

    Strange symptoms

    I want to preface my first post here to say that my concern has led me to investigate about ALS in a way that makes me feel a deep sympathy for everyone affected by ALS (whether in his/her own flesh, or through a family member.) I also want to help those who make this forum possible. I will...
  3. S

    Very Concerned about Bulbar

    Thank you to anyone taking the time to read this and giving me your thoughts and insight. Please know that it is truly appreciated. I have read the stickies, but still have some questions. I am a 40 year old male. I began with a twitch in my left bicep in early December 2018, but the...
  4. R

    Thank you in advance

    I want to thank you all in advance, and let you know that I will not dispute your suggestion (and only welcome it) if you don't think ALS is a possibility in my case. I also want to let you know that my thoughts are with each of you that have been diagnosed or have had a family member diagnosed...
  5. F

    Dad died

    Doubt anyone reads this things. Just wanted to mention my Dad passed. Came to this forum a few times for a help and it was much appreciated. His ALS moved so quickly we were unable to get him any of the benefits he deserved for being a veteran. I tried my best for my Dad. My heart goes out to...
  6. G

    Can B12 deficiency cause all these symptoms/signs?

    Hi, I'm a realtively old member of the DIHALS forum, so I'll try to be as straightforward as possible to recap the basics: My father passed away from PBP at the of 56. No other family member had MND, and he encountered both head trauma and large amounts of diesel exhaust. I've had widespread...
  7. Nikki J

    FALS and gene testing

    If you are or are likely to be FALS, have ALS and have not been gene tested please do so unless the family mutation has been identified It is becoming really important for practical reasons that your family members have that information. There are multiple mutations and there are some that...
  8. M

    Scared with family history

    After my fourth sleepless night I’ve decided to finally reach out. I am a 32 year old, seemingly healthy, mother to a two year old. At present I am VERY stressed. I will make no secret about that. Probably more stressed than I have ever been in my life. I work per diem, am a full time nursing...
  9. D

    unsure if i have ALS

    Hello everybody, I'm a bit reluctant to post this thread, just because I'm unsure if i'm overreacting or if i'm right and i don't want to be either... Anyways this is my story, since 18 march i've noticed a little light headed feeling, just for a minute or so. I didn't make much out of it, but...
  10. N

    Family member positively reflecting on life and loss

    I hope this post is appropriate for this section, but I wanted to briefly share a personal reflection of my experience during my father's battle with ALS and what I hold dearest to my heart after losing him. The topic of ALS can be a sad discussion, it is sad. But, as odd as it sounds, after I...

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