1. rosales20

    Denied Life Insurance by AIG

    Hey gang, It has been stressful the last couple of days. I will keep this short. I have a bro. who was diagnosed at age 26 with Bulbar ALS. Naturally, I go get tested. I thought I had some symptoms, but I think that it is all anxiety and stress. So, my EMG and blood tests come out negative...
  2. W

    FALS Dilemma: should I even try to get pregnant?

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and am posting because I am facing what feels like the most agonizing dilemma I've ever known. This seems like a wonderful support group and an appropriate group to turn to for feedback and thoughts from folks who may understand my dilemma (all too well...
  3. L

    Familial ALS

    Well, some scary news yesterday. What my family thought was spontaneous ALS (dad has bulbar'05) has now become FALS with the diagnosis of his 1st cousin. They both go to the same ALS specialist and I talked to him today and he has confirmed the diagnosis. Apparently my dad's preceeding...