1. J

    Possible FALS

    Hello I have a question about FALS. My mother died of ALS 5 years ago at age 68, I just learned that her brother who is 83 years old has FTD and started having symptoms of FTD when he was 79. My mothers sister another member of the family died 7 years ago of vascular dementia, and my brother has...
  2. jethro

    FALS inherited from father side

    by now / by chance, i met only fals inherited by mother. do anybody here has father's FALS?
  3. M

    My sister and I have the same symptoms at the same time after my father was diagnosed

    Hello everyone, I am from Vietnam. My father 63 years old, was diagnosed ALS 4 months ago. Unfortunately I (33) have symptoms same with my father: such as muscle twitching, feel weak and numb at left hand and leg for 2 months. I think about genetics and I had visited some hospital in Vietnam...
  4. A

    Question about fALS inheritance?

    I'm hoping this is the right forum I'm very sorry if not. My dad was diagnosed with bulbar ALS in April 2015 at 51, and sadly only made it to February 2016. I never really worried that it could be familial, but last night I was up all night thinking about it. He was an extremely heavy drinker...
  5. jethro

    Possible FALS?

    i thought that i will never post thread like this, but life is unpredictable. i have a child, girl born 02/17. at that time, i already had onset, but i wasnt aware of it. i'm diagnosed in 09/17. and i'm 50. i think that my als started in spring/15. my parents died (mother AD, 87yo, father...
  6. Nikki J

    FALS and gene testing

    If you are or are likely to be FALS, have ALS and have not been gene tested please do so unless the family mutation has been identified It is becoming really important for practical reasons that your family members have that information. There are multiple mutations and there are some that...
  7. A

    Hello! ALS question

    Hello everyone, my name is Alex. I am 22 years old and I'm a med student from Spain. Sorry for my english, it is not perfect. I have read the notes but I still have some concerns. I hope not to offend anyone. You see, my mother was diagnosed with ALS in August of 2015. Her symptoms started...
  8. WendyWooG

    gene test results.

    yippee! the gene test results are in and we don't have any of the known fals mutations. Just sheer coincidence or possibly environmental factors for me and my mum so relieved. Wendy x
  9. KimT

    Happy Mother's Day

    Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there......and I'm not forgetting the pet moms like myself! I hope your day is filled with peace and I hope you remember all the mother's days celebrated in the past. I feel I need to mention the FALS. I can't imagine how holidays are clouded with...
  10. jethro

    SALS turns into FALS

    ALS makes changes in DNA. Genes are in chromosomes which consists of proteins and DNA. Does it mean that SALS can turn into FALS? SALS is specific for older population, but some young people have it in reproductive age. This question is generated after i heard new born baby scream in...