1. Inventor

    Rack for Tobii EyeX and 12" tablet

    An untested prototype, but OpenSCAD files are included so you can modify it in any way you like: link
  2. jonico

    Help/Advice regarding Tobii EyeX Eye Tracker

    Hi, My wife has ALS and I bought her a Tobii EyeX. I installed it on a brand new laptop I bought for her to use it on. It seems to have installed just fine, callibrating properly and the Gaze Trace moves across the screen close to where my eyes are looking. The problem is that I can't get...
  3. E

    Time to say THANK YOU!

    I’ve been reading this forum for a long time but only recently became a member. It’s definitely time to say THANKS! I’ve learned a lot and wanted to let you all know that your expertise is so vital to the silent majority of us “lurkers” on the sidelines. So, thanks to all the regular...
  4. Junyeong

    Problem with Tobii PCEye

    I couldn't find a forum for this. Seemed like the best place. I can't get my Tobii PCEye to work well with my dad. It works great with myself, my wife with glasses, and someone else with glasses. It doesn't seem to "see" his eyes reliably with or without glasses. Originally I thought it...
  5. R

    Tobii I15 w/ Gaze For Sale

    Hello! I hope you're having a wonderful day today. I have for sale a Tobii I15 in perfect working condition w/ Gaze and related accessories including a Tobii EyeX Controller for your computer. I am willing to ship everything to your location at the buyers expense. Here is a link to...