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    Dynavox Vmax Eyemax Computer-Barely Used

    I still have my mother's Eyemax system. I need to get it out of my house, taking up space. It is the VMax with Eyemax Windows 7 system. It is like new with all accessories including both floor stand and wheelchair mount. I have all manuals and accessories that came with it. My mother tried...
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    Dynavox Series 5 For Sale

    Hello I have a DynaVox Series 5 eyemax For Sale asking $3,900 comes with stand for wheelchair or table. My father recently passed with ALS funds will go towards past expenses. Houston, TX John 281-650-0750
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    Used ALS Equipment For Sale

    Hello I have a used Dynavox/eyemax equipment for sale. My sibling recently passed away from ALS and funds from the equipment will be used to pay for bills. Any questions please call me thank you. John 281-650-0750 email: [email protected]
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    eyemax rolling floor stand

    I am looking for a used eyemax rolling floor stand cheap. Thanks
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    Dynavox, wheelchairs, cough-assist and more

    My beautiful wife lost her battle with ALS just about a year ago. We have a good amount of equipment and some supplies that have been stored away. I would love to be in a position to donate everything to someone in need, or even our local ALS association chapter, but our finances took a major...
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    ======= Dynavox EyeMax Series5 =========

    Dynavox Maestro Series5 InterAACT with EyeMax. English, Spanish, and French speaking. with rolling stand included Device is still under warranty for another 6 months Technical support available 24/7 You can customize the device to your specific need Device was purchased at cost of over...
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    Dynavox Eyemax Computer - Almost Brand new

    I have the Dynavox Vmax with Eyemax computer. It was bought for my mother who was paralyzed. She never used it and was not patient enough to learn how to use it. It is just about brand new and I have all of the manuals, attachments, including wheelchair attachment, and other accessories...
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    Dynavox Vmax+ with EyeMax and environmental control kit

    We have the following Dynavox items available for sale: - Dynavox Vmax+ - Dynavox EyeMax - Dynavox Environmental Controls Enhancement Kit, which allows you to control lights and appliances in your home from the Dynavox. - HeadMouse Extreme - Floor Stand - Desk Stand - Chair Stand - Phone all...
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    Dynavox Vmax+ For Sale

    This collective system is valued at more than $17,000, and includes 3 pieces: -Head mouse camera (valued at $1,550) -Eye max attachment (valued at $7,000) -Dynavox Vmax+ computer (valued at $8,500) Willing to sell all 3 or each piece individually. I believe this is about the latest of the...
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    Dynavox Speech computer with Eymax

    This system was purchased last year at a cost of $17,000. I believe this is about the latest of the Dynavox systems. It has been sitting for several months, but I have charged the battery pack. This machine allows the user to interface with voice, telephone, internet, e-mail and you can even...