1. B

    opinion on elevator install

    I would like to get some opinions regarding an install of an elevator in my house. For various reasons, we believe an elevator is the right choice for us. However one specific aspect of it is whether to install automatic door and gate openers. This would add a significant cost to the project...
  2. C

    Equipment for sale - - hospital bed, wheelchair, Dynovax

    My 37 year old loving husband and father of 2 young children lost his 4 year battle with ALS just over 3 months ago. I have a few items that I need to sell ASAP, to help offset our expenses for the funeral and misc. costs. Please note that all the prices are negotiable and I will do all I can...
  3. S

    ALSGA- Can anyone donate a power chair, Dynavox, Erika, or any other type of eyegaze

    Does anyone has a power chair (Permobil 300 type, Dynavox, V Max, Erika, or any form of eye gaze equipment that is not being used? Please consider donating it to ALS Guardian Angels. We pay for all shipping and repair costs. We can offer a full tax write off. Thanks for considering us. Stu...
  4. trfogey

    Another Key Input Program

    The good folks at CanAssist at the University of Victoria, BC, in Canada have created and made available for public use a new program called Dynamic Keyboard. Dynamic Keyboard is an alternative text entry program for users who have motor control problems that make it difficult to use a regular...
  5. sadiemae

    Needing tips on using Model Talker

    We are going to get an eyegaze in the next month, and am going to try to get my hubby to use model talker to bank his voice, and any tips or helpful hints would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Lori
  6. P

    ALS and cognitive ability

    My wife was diagnosed in 9/07 with Bulbar onset. She has progressed to the point where she has very little motor abilities left. Can't speak either. We communicate by her moving her eyes away when the answer is yes. Lately she does not seem to understand even the simplest questions. Are...
  7. jonsjr40

    Guess What !

    Hi everyone how is everyone? I'm doing great my life just keeps getting better. MDA is doing a story on me and how my new eyegaze system has helped my life. And how I like it. I did a interveiw last night. They also want to till my story about me and Donna. I well let everyone know when as soon...
  8. jonsjr40

    Hi i'm new at this .I have had ALS 17 years.

    MY name is John I have never been to a suppor group.I did not know what I was missing.Im 47 and Ihave boy 18 and a girl 22 and a grandbaby 2 months old.I just got my first pc can u tell. its a eyegaze I love it no hands and nothing on my eyes .Not very good at writing. I stay on the internet...
  9. I

    speech generating device

    Hi, Everyone! I've done a search here and gone back and read old posts about this topic but wonder if anyone has anything to add. Unfortunately I'm past the point of voice banking. I've read about ERICA and Eyegaze, both of which use vision tracking. Is that hard to control? Seems like a good...
  10. C

    hands free mouse +ttv software

    What is the best hands free mouse? Does anyone know if the head band works and how is eyegaze? Is there something cheaper than eye gaze? What software for voice is best?