1. R

    WEGO speech-generating device with EyeTech TM4 Camera and The Grid 2

    EyeTech TM4 Camera and The Grid 2 Is currently connected to an ACER Icona Tablet (W500 Series). Looking to get $3000.00. This was received through Talk To Me Technologies. Sadly my mother was never able to use this before she passed from ALS about 2 years ago, because her eyesight began to...
  2. Atsugi


    Start writing something--anything--now. My PALS Krissy (RIP) wrote a page about the disease, a page to me, and then lost the use of her hands before writing anything to her children. There are two pages--titled but empty. She never had the chance, really, to use her eyegaze computer for...
  3. MaxEidswick

    Got Tobii Eyegaze today

    not easy, soon cross-eyed :-(
  4. N

    does eyegaze work with glasses

    saw this on another thread but cant find it now. Does eyegaze work with glasses? If not its useless to me
  5. minnesota

    Hospice, morphine and update

    Hospice started 2 months ago. Nice to have an RN to bounce ideas off. No help otherwise but feels comforting to have someone check in once a week. Jim still hasn't tried the massage they offer but based on your recommendations well give it a try! I would personally love it but they don't have...
  6. Inventor

    Robotic arm cupholder

    It is getting increasingly difficult for me to communicate with others how the drinking water cup should be positioned so that I could reach the straw without having to struggle holding my head up. Got the idea of attaching a cup holder to a computer controlled arm so that I could use the...
  7. CGARS

    Games for Eyegaze?

    I am using the Tobii I-15 with eyegaze, and I'm getting bored with the factory installed games. Does anyone using eyegaze know of how to get some compatible games? Free would be nice too. Thank you, Casey
  8. affected

    iPad and switch

    Is anyone using an iPad with a jelly bean switch? My PALS got the switch a couple of weeks ago but he doesn't spend enough time using it and he becomes frustrated. I would think it is very similar to using eyegaze in principal. I'm wondering if anyone using this on iPad has any good tips or...
  9. Tsquared

    41 Living with ALS

    Hello everyone, I'm a 41 year old woman living with ALS. I have to say this is the hardest thing I've ever been through. I have 2 sons, ages 14 and 11, and the thought of not being here for them breaks my heart daily. They currently live with their father in Michigan. Once I was diagnosed, I...
  10. C

    PEG tube research - Please offer thoughts :)

    Dear all, I am a pharmacy student who has worked very closely with patient's in end-of-life care on a part-time basis. I became very close with an individual suffering from MND and I supported him right till his final breath. It is often easy to forget the difficulties both mentally and...