eye gaze technology

  1. A

    Tobii with eye gaze

    I've been looking to buy a Tobii with eye gaze technology for my mother who lives in Brazil. Unfortunately her insurance in Brazil doesn't cover this equipment. Any leads for purchasing one here in the USA, would be very appreciated.
  2. D

    What is latest in eye gaze technology?

    Left arm is nearly useless and right arm weakening. Need to put something in place for communication. I understand APPLE has something in place with their latest IOS devices and associated cameras. Has anyone tried these? What do you and/or your PALS have experience with? Recommendations and...
  3. KimT

    NEW APP for PALS

    There is a new free APP for iPhones and iPads called "I have voice." The developer lost someone with ALS and decided he wanted to do this. He asked for feedback on the features. It uses eye gaze technology so you need a newer iPhone or iPad. I've not yet downloaded it but will do tonight...
  4. N

    F3 Corpus and Tobii eye gaze

    I'm selling a Permobil F3 wheelchair with power functions: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1738898879750000 It was fitted for a 5'4" woman but never used. For pickup in NYC. Also I have a Tobii PCEye Go and Surface Pro eye gaze package for sale. This I can ship anywhere in the US...
  5. T

    Tobii Dynovox speech generating device with eye gaze technology

    Hi I lost my husband to this horrible disease and I'm interested In selling his Tobii Dynovox speech generating device with eye gaze technology. It's like new, only used twice. Comes with carrying case, charger, keyboard still in box and portable mount. Price is negotiable
  6. T

    eyedrivomatic anyone?

    forgive me if this has been discussed before - has anyone had experience with the eyedriomatic system? Eyedrivomatic Home https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLQOBXSak64 seems like a interesting option - my daughters' school has a DIY/Maker space so I might see if they are interested in trying...
  7. T

    Eye Gaze tech, who is using what?

    i am suprised there is no long running sticky about eye gaze technology. It seems to always be an area of concern and new things are popping up all the time in the marketplace. ive been doing eye gaze research for a well known company for over year and im still not aware ofb whats out there...
  8. K

    Tobii I-15 Computer with Eye Gaze Technology

    This computer has been used less than 20hrs. It comes with everything that is pictured. The Tobii I-15 has Windows and EyeGaze communication software that speaks for the user. The screen is 15' and can sit on a desktop or be mounted with the equipment. Asking $5,250 and we will pay the cost of...
  9. C

    Need HELP with Eye Gaze Technology!

    Hello, My sister has ALS and was given a laptop with an eye gaze system. I can get the eye gaze to work for me but not her. My sister is mostly in a hospital bed and getting the lap top set up in front of her on table at a level that it detects her eyes is very difficult. Due to the angle of...
  10. C

    In search of Tobii with Eye gaze

    My uncle in Guatemala was just diagnosed with ALS and is going downhill very quickly as there is no way for him to get the medicine (Rolutek) there in Guatemala to slow down the progression. He is already barely able to communicate and only has very limited use of one hand left. I live in the...