1. D

    Free speech, the Internet, depression, suicide, and euthanasia

    When can we, or should we, restrict online speech? Should cyberbullying be a crime, like it is to shout “fire” in a crowded theater or to yell “jump!” at someone poised on a ledge? What if the online message is written with compassion, but has the predictable effect of tipping someone over the...
  2. B

    I just need to get this out

    I just feel I need to get some of this toxic energy out of me and this is the right place to do it with the right audience. These are some of the thoughts I get on the worst of days. 1) My situation. Just before diagnosis I went through a relationship break-up. So I have no wife, no kids, and...
  3. L

    I'm so tired of the suffering.

    My mom is so miserable. She is suffering. She has hospice care. She won't take certain medications because she doens't like how they taste. She won't use oxygen because she doesn't like it on her face It's so obvious she is ready to die. And she has to sit here and suffer. Why, if our pet...
  4. M

    Attitudes towards end of life issues among people with MND

    Hello, I am a junior doctor in London with an interest in neurology. In collaboration with several consultant neurologists at Barts and The London Trust, I have written a survey about attitudes towards end of life issues among people with MND/ALS. It covers some sensitive issues, such as...
  5. Jellycat


    Small rant/muse coming up. I have just dropped my mum off to play bridge this morning. I think she is amazing to be playing as she cannot speak to bid or hold the cards. But with use of various devices and a caring bridge partner she has a fab time. Her mind is spry & she's usually on the...
  6. R

    Falling apart

    My mom has advanced ALS and I have learned that things can always get worse. I am not my mom's primary caregiver, in fact I don't do that much hands on stuff with her because I have a 3-year-old and a 9-month-old. I feed her when I'm around, buy her foods and drinks she likes, take care of phone...
  7. B


    Hi all, I know this is a morbid topic, and I'm not sure whether this has been discussed before extensively in the forum, but I was wondering fellow PALS opinions on the right to end their lives when they have progressed to a stage when they choose to go no further. I know to some the idea...
  8. A

    Technology gives more possiblities for a meaningful life

    Hello, I am a Canadian who has been living in Sweden for many years. I have lived with MND for over a year now and have received excellent service from both the doctors who made the diagnosis and the ALS team that has supported me after that diagnosis was made. My main question is regarding my...