1. freddiesnetty

    Way to go Mike aka Quadbliss!

    I am so excited, it is strange though because I have been wondering about Mike. I got my MDA/ALS magazine this month and low and behold guess who is in the middle of the magazine...........Well it is Mike, I was so excited to see this, I have been wondering about him and how he was doing. He has...
  2. 4rhl1981

    ERICA for motorcycle operations......

    anyone know of any such thing or willing to invent it, I'd be a willing test dummy if my symptoms progress that far? I guess we would need pop down training wheel at low speeds like some Goldwings have too.
  3. C

    ERICA system

    Good morning, I'm a caregiver to my Dad who has ALS. I'm also a student and I'm working on a research essay for my Technical Writing class. I have to choose some type of technology to research and write about. I'm interested in the ERICA system and how it enhances the lives of people that have...
  4. I

    speech generating device

    Hi, Everyone! I've done a search here and gone back and read old posts about this topic but wonder if anyone has anything to add. Unfortunately I'm past the point of voice banking. I've read about ERICA and Eyegaze, both of which use vision tracking. Is that hard to control? Seems like a good...
  5. ZenArcher

    Equipment Reviews

    I think a subforum on equipment reviews and suggestions would be handy. Someplace where CALs and PALs can share their thoughts on different assistive technology. I am currently researching home modifications and have looked at the ERICA system because of what I've found written here but there is...