1. J

    ERICA Eye Response Technologies System

    Amazing tablet PC with camera, camera mount and adjustable stand for sale. This was my Father's main communication device for 2 years. It allowed so many meaningful conversations after he became vent. dependent. Technology for this system is genius. Give your PALS the gift of speech again...
  2. L

    New here father of ALS patient

    Hello everyone, My name is Larry. My daughter Erica was diagnosed with ALS a month ago. Her symptoms started off with muscle twitching. For awhile she thought the twitching was happening due to her not sleeping enough at night. Back in December, she noticed she was slurring speech. She went to...
  3. SueG

    health insurance run-around -- frustrated!

    Glad there is a Rant & Rave page. First, I know I am lucky to have insurance. BUT...... they sure do like to string you along! On Nov 16th my ins co denied a referral to the ALS clinic at Massachusetts General that my local neuro had referred me to. I immediately called, was told that the...
  4. M

    Permobil C300 power wheelchair and Eye Repsonse

    Hello...I have a slightly used C300 power wheelchair that needs a good home. It was used by my mother who had ALS. She was only able to use it for a couple of months before she passed away. I 've had it for a couple of years now, not knowing what to do with it (I think it more or less held some...
  5. S

    Any PALS musicians out ther?

    I was a guitarist and want to know if anyone is playing music with virtual instruments with eye gaze computer. I use an Erica.
  6. D

    Forced Vital Capacity and Vent

    As some of you know, Jen and I had quite a roller coaster holiday season. For those that dont a quick recap: 37 year old wife Dx with Bulbar Onset ALS in 03/09, PEG in August, our twins turn 3 next Sunday. Dec. 4th Ambulance for respiratory distress Dec. 8th Tracheostomy Dec. 10th transfer to...
  7. E

    Beverley(aka Blackpool)

    Beverley is home recovering after hospitalization. Please keep her in your thoughts.Erica
  8. E

    Muscle pain as one of the initial symptoms

    I know that some neuro/ALS specialists are saying that pain is not a part of ALS. In my case, I have initial onset of pain in a certain group of muscle then weakness and atrophy. Was wondering if anyone else has experienced pain as a part of the initial symptoms? THX,Erica
  9. E

    Synergy supplements

    I was told about Algae proteins and vitamins, but before spending money on "another supplement" wanted to see if any of you heard, or used them? Thx,Erica
  10. C

    Just looking for some support....

    My mom is 68 and was dignosed with ALS in October 2006. She is very bad now and I think very close to the end. I moved back from CA to WI to be with her, and although she has 24 hour care, I am here, being a caretaker, at her house, 6-8 hours a day. In addition I manage all of the household...