english teacher

  1. M

    Alleviating Ongoing Anxiety

    Hi, friends! I am writing here to allay some of my fears--I am 30 year old English teacher, who, two years ago, began to be concerned that he might have ALS. It started, honestly, rather benignly with a few twitches, and what I perceived to be "weakness." I say "weakness," because two years...
  2. Prohobo

    A Joy to the World!

    My mother's name is Joy, and she certainly lived up to her name sake. It is with great sadness to share my mother has passed this morning peacefully at 6am (ET) from her battle with ALS (bulbar). My mother was an amazing woman. She became a school teacher and taught at Douglas MacArthur High...
  3. F

    To everyone, If you could say anything-

    Hey Everyone, I hope I'm not asking to much as a newcomer. BUT here it goes... So I'm a speaker for ALS and terminal illness at my old school. Every year my old English teacher surprises students with my visit while they read the book, Tuesdays with Mori. I talk about what ALS is, answer...
  4. N

    Dad in Indy just diagnosed -79 yo

    Hi everyone, I'm Nanci and my dear old dad was just recentlydiagnosed with ALS by Dr. Pascuzzi at the Indy/IU ALS Center. I'd like to connect with others in town and especially those with older parents with ALS. I am the tech savvy one (dad and step-mom don't use a computer at all). Need to...
  5. I

    Find the Joy in Life

    Hi all- It's been some time since I've posted. My mother passed away two weeks ago today after her courageous battle with ALS. The progression of her disease was aggressive - she passed 20 mos. after diagnosis. I don't think I've even begun what will undoubtedly be a long journey through the...