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end of life

  1. Kristina1

    disagreement with my husband/cals about end of life decisions

    This is mainly a vent.. We are still working on discussions for writing up an advanced directive. My doctor is referring us to a palliative care doctor to help facilitate those discussions and make final decisions. While talking about this I told my husband when the time comes I DO want a...
  2. NothingButLove

    My universe is most likely coming to an end...

    I really, really wanted to be an active member on this forum. Around September of last year, my wife has wanted me by her side all the time. The depression, stress and physical fatigue brings me down. The lack of sleep just destroys me. I just couldn't find the time... I've seen posts saying...
  3. lgelb

    Rant or something

    "Showing the reality of ALS" in a PSA campaign is a nice idea, but how real is it to portray PALS who have survived 10, 14 and 15 years so far (only ~20% live >5y), respectively, two of whom have trachs, rarely used in the US? Following each vignette with the hyperbolic tagline about having...
  4. T

    I need to know the signs

    My sister was diagnosed with ALS 4/2015. She is at the end and I need to know the signs and what to look for. I need to know how much more time I have left with her. She is currently on a bipap machine, she cannot breath on her own anymore. That has been since August 2017. Monday her chest was...
  5. Tedstehr

    FTD and ALS

    My father-in-law died of FTD/ALS shortly after my diagnosis of ALS. We knew he had FTD, but had no idea about the ALS until I started researching the disease. When I found this sub forum, I strongly suspected what had happened. My father-in-law, Yan, was an incredible man. He was a GP and...
  6. W

    Some updates and decisions

    My dad is declining very fast. As new changes happening I would like to ask you for an advice/comments on the following points: Fatigue: My dad is very weak. He almost can't walk or stand up from a chair anymore. Taking him to the Dr or clinic is such a draining task on him. Just getting an...
  7. L

    Doctors opinions on tracheostomy?

    My husband gets seen by the VA but they sent us to UT Southwestern to the pulmonologist to get a sleep study and orders for a cough assist and Trilogy. They are also the ones who are going to do the PEG tube. We had our first appointment there a couple of days ago. Towards the end of our...
  8. S

    Hard Situation - MIL w/ ALS

    So here's my story, My MIL was diagnosed in Nov 2015 after around 6 months of trying to figure out why her foot and leg were having pain/fatigue. She was 61. The first year wasn't too bad but use of both her legs was eventually gone and she was in a wheelchair by the end of year one. Now, 7...
  9. D

    New report on California aid in dying law

    According to the Cal Dept. of Public Health, up to 20 ALS patients have taken their own lives under California's "aid in dying" law after six months. I do not oppose the general idea of permitting physicians to assist the suicide of terminally ill patients who would otherwise suffer...
  10. D

    Free speech, the Internet, depression, suicide, and euthanasia

    When can we, or should we, restrict online speech? Should cyberbullying be a crime, like it is to shout “fire” in a crowded theater or to yell “jump!” at someone poised on a ledge? What if the online message is written with compassion, but has the predictable effect of tipping someone over the...

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