1. Atsugi

    Depression: Do CALS get PTSD?

    All CALS get depressed. Some have called it PTSD. Of course, many of us rely on therapy and antidepressants. I have, too. But the one thing that improved my depression most was a treatment for PTSD called EMDR. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is a treatment that some therapists...
  2. Atsugi

    Cure for traumatic stress / depression due to ALS

    Depression is co-morbid with ALS and frequently affects both PALS and CALS. I found EMDR therapy to be the most effective treatment for depression. It's normally used for PTSD. May not work for everyone, but it worked so well for me I thought I'd recommend it. I did it a year ago. EMDR is Eye...
  3. G

    anxiety and als

    hi everyone. my aunt has als and has been experiencing some severe panic attacks / anxiety attacks. knowing that i have gone through periods of anxiety myself, she asked me for some advice. i told her that going to a therapist worked wonders for me. but she's frustrated by the idea because...