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    Article on Stem Cell Research and Human Trials

    I just read an article on stem cell research in the USA targeting ALS. They know that embryonic stem cells can be made to generate motor nurons like the one ALS destroys. Human trials are about two to three years away. What I don't understand is why can't we go straight to human trials and miss...
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    Embryonic Stem Cell Research

    The issue of embryonic stem cell research far exceeds als. i strongly encourage all pals, families and friends to educate yourselves and speak out on behalf of your choice to support or not support This type of stem cell research.
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    Stem Cell Trials at Sunnybrook

    i've volunteered to take part in study of stemcell research at sunnybrook. Dr Cashman has got full funding and needs 5 volunteers and someone to head the study. i'm volunteer number 4. this is not embryonic stem cells. the stemcells come from our own bodies. is anyone else in the toronto area...
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    Recently Diagnosed; Familial ALS

    hi all! i was posting last year before my mom passed away in january this year. she had als as well as her brother and her cousin. i was diagnosed last month with very early onset of als. i had an mri test and i have no nerve damage. however my doctor at sunnybrook feels that i do have als...
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