1. Bestfriends14

    The only person ever cured of ALS?

    I tried the search bar, but either it's my phone or the user, and I'm unable to actually search what I'm looking for. So, my question is on a topic I'm sure was brought up a few years ago. What are anyone's thoughts on Ted Harada, the person who was apparently cured of ALS in a clinical trial...
  2. G

    Genervon / GM604

    Odd that we've not mentioned this since a year ago. It appears That Genervon was quite pleased with the recent Phase 2a results, and the 'orphan drug' classification is, hopefully, hopeful! ;) PRESS RELEASE June 30, 2014, 6:01 a.m. EDT Genervon Announces Biomarker Data from GALS-001 Clinical...
  3. John1

    Embryonic-like cells created from mouse stem cells

    Research results of what could be a significant development in stem cell technology were announced today. In experiments that could open a new era in stem cell biology, scientists have found a cheap and easy way to reprogram mature cells from mice back into an embryonic-like state that allowed...
  4. RoadKill

    First Patient Treated in Stem-Cell Study

    First Patient Treated in Stem-Cell Study The first patient has been treated with human embryonic stem cells in the first study authorized by the Food and Drug Administration to test the controversial therapy. A patient who was partially paralyzed by a spinal cord injury had millions of...
  5. RoadKill

    Scientists overcome hurdles to stem cell alternatives

    Scientists overcome hurdles to stem cell alternatives Scientists overcome hurdles to stem cell alternatives Scientists reported Thursday they had developed a technique that can quickly create safe alternatives to human embryonic stem cells, a major advance toward developing a less...
  6. RoadKill

    Embryonic Stem Cells

    Embryonic Stem Cells are in the news. Here are some helpful sites to read before you open your wallet: From the ALSA -- A Primer on Stem Cells From Quackwatch -- The Shady Side of Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy
  7. C

    Motor Neurons growing mice from stem cells

    Hi Pals Good Article dang the goverment :-( Functional motor neuron subtypes generated from embryonic stem cells Hope all is well CURETIME
  8. M

    Has anyone tried these trial drugs?

    I am thinking about going on these trial drugs and wondering have any of you tried these drugs. Do not know if my doctor will give to me and is thinking about it. If not could any one advice me on a good company to buy over internet. What research is being done? The NINDS supports a broad...
  9. R

    New Article? / Research: Embryonic Stem Cells Show ALS Can Arise From Support Cell

    I read an article posted today.. so I'm wondering if this is truly new research or if this website just happened to post some old news. In part: Our studies demonstrate that glial cells carrying a SOD1 human mutation have a direct effect on motor neuron survival and provide a powerful tool for...
  10. rocmg

    A well written article on stem cells

    Dear all -- I wanted to post this article that I read on the Irish Times website because I thought it did a good job of discussing the stem cell controversy that rages on. It's the first story I've read on the subject that I think strikes a balance between what the Western Scientists think and...