1. Buckhorn

    Permobil Corpus F3, FWD power chair; loaded. $4,000.

    Excellent condition. Front wheel drive, with solid, non-puncture tires. Good for outdoor use, as well as having a reasonably small turning radius, making it a good choice for more than just indoor use. This wheelchair probably has less than 6 miles on it (IDK how to check). It has some cosmetic...
  2. Nuts

    Free Permobile 300

    We have an older Permobile 300 that my husband bought as a backup to his backup. We put a new controller, batteries, and tires one it a couple years ago.. While it came in handy a few times, he can no longer use this chair. Power recline, tilt, and lets, but no elevator. Free to a PALS in...
  3. W

    Permobil M300 power chair

    Permobil M300 power chair features power tilt, power recline, power elevating legs, and power seat elevator; Roho seat cushion, new battery 2017, other add-ons. For tall person. New in 2012. $2,500 or best offer.
  4. P

    Permobil M300 Power Chair For Sale

    The Permobil M300 is a mid-wheel drive power chair. Like the Tobii I-15+, I am selling this for a friend of mine who's husband passed away from ALS two years ago. The chair is lightly used and has 0.8 miles on it. The only thing missing is the seat elevator that I believe allows the seat to...
  5. A

    Vertical Wheelchair lift

    I have a vertical wheelchair lift that I would like to donate/sell. It was installed in my home to carry my husband in his power wheelchair from the first floor to the second floor. It is just under 2 years old and was only used for about 14 months and is still like new. It has a battery...
  6. KimT

    Permobil Seat Elevator

    Sadly, the squeaky wheel does get the grease. Last week Ability Medical Supply Company called me to let me know my wheel chair had been approved EXCEPT for the seat elevator. She informed me that I would have to pay $2,800. I knew they had spent a lot of time getting the order ready and...
  7. M

    Questioning New PLS diagnosis

    2 years ago my father, now 73, was a perfectly healthy man with absolutely no symptoms of any disease. At 71 he was riding in a freight elevator which failed. He fell approx 15 ft and suffered compound fractures in both ankles. For obvious reasons, all attention was given to salvaging his...
  8. C

    Best Adaptive Tools

    Quite awhile back, our dear Max started a thread about some of the best adaptive equipment and gadgets. Since technology has changed in the last 18 months or so, I thought it might be a good idea to revive the thread. We have several gadgets that have really made our lives easier and they...
  9. Michellesews

    Maiden Voyage

    Well we finally have the elevator in the garage, the power chair and today I took the Pilot in and had the chair lift installed. I came home and got my PALS and took him out to dinner! It was scary and nerve wracking at first, that big, heavy thing bouncing on the back of the car...but he was...
  10. Michellesews

    Wednesday again already?

    We're still here. Everyday is a new adventure. Last week they began prepping for the elevator lift to go in the garage. Part of that was to build steps above and over top of the concrete steps, making the rop platform even with the door. I don't know what those guys were smoking but those...