1. RoadKill

    Evenbetternow Warned by FDA

    Eight OTC Chelation Product Sellers Warned Their Goods Are "unapproved" EXCERPT: Chelation products have the potential to alter some substance blood levels, raising serious safety concerns. Chelation products can cause serious harm, including kidney failure, dehydration and even death, and...
  2. Andy2020

    My Dad met Eric Edney's cousin at his barber!

    It really is a small world! My Dad is still functional and trying to continue to live his life. He drove himself to the barber and he was telling him about is ALS diagnosis. A buy waiting to get his haircut told my Dad that his cousin had ALS and he wrote a couple books about it. My Dad said...
  3. J

    Another use for the money

    Hello pals. I started reading a book by Eric Edney. Anyone esle? He tells of his own actions to slow the process of ALS. A radical one, but it's working for him. The book is called "ERIC IS WINNING". One comment he makes in regard to Muscular Distrophy and the Jerry Lewis telethons...
  4. R

    New to the site.

    My mother is soon to be 58, she has been diagnosed with ALS back in December. Once I learned that it would be two to five years before the inevitable, I went into a deep depression. I did soooo much research, and even learned about Eric Edney, China Stem Cells. I almost fell for those scams. But...
  5. L

    about my mom

    I will share about my mom. Her name is Renee. She will be 78 next week. She is at the point where her speech cannot be understood even by family members. She uses the roller walker in the house and uses the claw type cane when she goes places. She went for four months with symptoms and not...
  6. D


    My Dad was diagnosed this February, he is trying detox, using a combination of what Steven Shackle and Eric Edney have written about. They both suggest having a hair analysis, which he has, we are in the UK but we had to send it to Cincinatti, and he has now been given a personal regime to...
  7. L

    Eric Edney and Even Better Now - Don't Be Fooled By This Scam

    Clay Foot Baths The clay baths are something I read about on Eric Edney's site.
  8. L

    Detox updates anyone?

    Hi All- As a newly diagnosed PAL I've gone down the same road as many of you- looking for answers, searching the internet. My brother did the same thing, and he sent me the Eric Edney book which I immediately read cover to cover. I've read through all of the posts from last year on the...