1. starente15

    Just an observation

    Hi everyone. I've been working my way back to the board slowly. Not sure why I feel the need to chime in, but here goes. My father never had anxiety before being diagnosed with ALS. As weird symptoms started to occur over the course of a year, i.e., head dropping, voice changing, choking...
  2. T

    I feel the end coming....

    As his speech is almost completely gone, and eating is done practically although he wants to try still,but isn't supposed to. His legs want to buckle in every time I try the gait belt for transfers. I don't know what to expect next. Will he last all summer? Christmas? Next week? How will we...
  3. J

    Getting worse Probably Bulbar

    Hello !! I'm not trying to offend anyone, please forgive me if you feel I'm being disrespectful to anyone. I strongly believe I have ALS bulbar onset. Like a month ago, I noticed that some solid food was getting stuck in throat, I had to swallow twice so it could go down. I'm still having...
  4. J

    Questions about bulbar onset

    Hi all, Thank you so much for taking time to read my questions. I truly appreciate it. I know ALS looks different in each person but I wanted to ask a few questions about potential early symptoms. For the last year or so I've noticed that when I take a drink sometimes the liquid seems to rush...
  5. F

    World Health Organization Study

    A World Health Organiation (based in Geneva, Switzerland) study shows that eating ham and salami while drinking a glass of good wine at each meal reduces the risk of becoming an Islamic Terrorist by exactly 100%.
  6. N

    Als?? Tired tongue!

    I never heard of ALS before last week. I been having a tired tongue feeling while eating .I wasn't very concerned until I Googled it. I have a love hate relationship with Google. I should know better but...yeah. anyways I have read the stickies and feel like my hand is weak as well but I haven't...