1. K


    I've tried to read up on these two terms, and the doctors have been no help. I have had 3 neuros and 7 EMGs. One neuro who was a DO, one ALS specialist, and a team of neuros at the Mayo Clinic just this last September. They all see the same thing in my legs and arms: evidence of reinnervation...
  2. hopealive

    Do the Walk to D'Feet ALS

    Hello Everyone, I haven't written in awhile. My mother has bulbar onset ALS, diagnosed last September. She is holding steady with no limb involvement yet, severe dysphagia, and swallowing problems. Her breathing is still very good. We are counting that as a small blessing. I am writing to...
  3. R

    Undiagnosed Bulbar Symptoms

    Hi, First, thanks for the Forum. I have spent a while over the last few months checking out the posts here. This is a very useful site, I have spent 3 years trawling the net for info. We are interested in talking to anyone who has similar symptoms to my hubby Dave. Dave has an undiagnosed...
  4. S

    To tube, or not to tube (feeding tube pros and cons)

    Hi there! I am a Speech-Language Pathologist that provides services for inpatients, outpatients, home-health and hospice (jack of all trades, master of none :)). I have been in the field for about 2.5 years, and just recently have had two patient's referred to me, both with ALS. Both...
  5. O

    Question CIDP or MND

    Hi ... I am new at the site ... I was diagnosed with Multifocal CIDP w/ Neuromytonia overlap (I am in my 4th year) - which both are supposed to be autoimmune. Over the last year I have gone to two canes and severe breathing overnight problems and dysphagia progression. The breathing is...