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    Gently Used ALS Equipment for Sale

    I would like to sell the following equipment which was gently used by my family member: Philips Respironics Cough Assist Device 70T with power cord, instruction manual, carrying case and two new (in package) CA 70 series circuits, adult Lg., 6 ft. Asking $550. Tobii Dynavox I-12 communicator...
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    Tobii dynavox 1-15+ for sale.

    Hi. My sister recently passed away from ALS and I have her computer sitting here , that I don't know what to do with. I know she purchased it for around 8-9k. She opened it but never set it up or used it. It's brand new, with Windows 8.1 which can be upgraded to Windows 10. You also have to...
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    DynaVox Vmax with EyeMax $750/OBO

    HI friends ~ I'm a Quality Life Coach with one of NY states largest agencies supporting those with developmental and physical disabilities. Recently a gentleman whom I have been coaching who has CP received some regional media attention regarding his pursuit of a lifelong dream ~ which...
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    Gently used Dynavox Maestro for sale

    My son received this Dynavox Maestro in 2012. This item retails for $8000+ He used the device for a few months off and on; his use was very minimal. The item has been safely stored for the past few years. There is nothing wrong with the device, he just needed something different to meet his...
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    FS: Tobii Dynavox I-15 Speech Unit

    Good afternoon, I have a brand new Tobii Dynavox I-15 Speech computer for sale. We've had it for a couple of months but my father was unable to use it as he passed away recently. There is also a mount that comes with it to mount it to a power chair or wheel chair. Looking to get 2,500 for it...
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    Dynavox Rolling floor stand. New in bag

    I have this and it's still in the bubble wrap 300$ shipping is free.. Rolling Floor Stand Mount, Foldable This is very similar in function to the standard Rolling Floor Stand Mount (501786), with the main difference being that it can more easily be disassembled and folded together to place into...
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    Tobii Dynavox with Eye Gaze

    Hello all, I am also seeking a Tobii Dynavox with Eye Gaze for my brother. My budget is $2000. Thank you for your assistance. Mary [email protected]
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    Reading using the Tobii

    Hello - My sister just received a Tobii Dynavox (12 I believe) and we are trying to figure out the best way for her to read books on it. She has lost use of her hands so can no longer use a tablet and we are hoping she can start reading again with this computer. Has anyone had any good...
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    ALS equipment for sale - all Negotiable

    Good evening everybody We lost my father a couple weeks ago to ALS. We were lucky enough to get so many of the different types of equipment that a person could need. While me and my brother do need help with expenses (2 kids under 30 taking care of our dad on our own) we realize the absolute...
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    Looking For Permobil M300 - Tobii PCEye Go - Tobii Dynavox i15

    Looking For Permobil M300 - Tobii PCEye Go - Tobii Dynavox i15 Must ship to Malta